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Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Tue Mar 22 09:43:16 EDT 2011

Would you please put this on the network? It would  be greatly 

*Subject: Amateur Radio Equipment For Sale

Hey All,
      I have been asked by a very good friend (Charlotte / KA5YDB) to 
sell the following items....she is getting out of the radio 
business....the items are as follows.....
Icom V8000 with Astrom 20M 20 amp metered power supply   $200
contact me either by email or phone at 225-629-0935    Thanks!!!!!!
Also, if ya'll know any new hams out there, please forward this 
email!!!!!!!   Bruce / KB5WNU

*Looking for a radio / electronic builder or someone who does 
restorations. *

As part  of the W5NK estate there is a large collection of surplus 
equipment that is non-decrepit. It is for the taking and am sure there 
is someone in the New Orleans / Mandeville area who would be happy to 
have the parts that can be cannibalized.  It is for the taking. Take 
one, take it all. Too much to ship.  It  would fill up the back of a 
pickup truck or van.  Hate to see it go into a dumpster. Years ago, hams 
would kill for some of this surplus.
If you know of anyone who would be interested have them contact me at:
Dallas Ward  K1DW
POB 1111
Folsom, LA 70437
985 705 2489  cell
K1DW at aol,com <mailto:K1DW at aol,com>

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