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> Dear ham friends, 
> I wanted to share with you my reasons for voting to retain Mickey Cox 
> as ARRL Division Director. 
> We're fortunate to have two experienced hams seeking this job. A 
> Division Director can't be a miracle worker, given that the FCC can both give 
> and take away our frequencies and privileges. But a reasoned and 
> thoughtful approach is more effective in persuading a federal agency 
> than bluster and bombast, and Mickey exemplifies a polite but 
> determined approach to dealing with both the League and the FCC. He 
> won't promise to do more than any Division Director can deliver. 
> The recent survey of membership, for which he's been criticized, is in 
> my opinion a great example of Mickey's careful and reasoned approach. 
> The number of responses to the survey was not very high. I can't 
> blame Mickey for that; we're all inundated with survey requests and 
> sometimes we ignore them. But instead of just discounting the 
> results, Mickey took the data he had, and sought help from a well 
> qualified expert in data analysis. And it turned out that Prof. 
> Howell was able to demonstrate that the results of that survey 
> accurately reflected the interests of the ARRL members who are 
> Mickey's constituents. It's easy to take pot-shots at a survey whose 
> results don't match our own priorities and opinions, but the math and 
> science behind Prof. Howell's analysis can withstand those assaults. 
> I work with experimental results and statistical validation every day, 
> and I have confidence that the surveys Mickey has commissioned in the 
> past two years are reflective of the opinions of ARRL members in the 
> Division. 
> Mickey is completely and, at times, very directly truthful and honest. 
> None of the biographical facts on his campaign web site have been 
> changed during this campaign. His credentials and accomplishments are 
> listed accurately and can withstand scrutiny. Besides our shared 
> interest in radio, I'm proud to count Mickey as a respected 
> professional colleague, and I'm also proud to support his re-election. 
> 73 de k5cfw 
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