[AARA] Wanted

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sat Oct 8 14:46:42 EDT 2011


Do you know anyone who has recently passed the Tech License who might 
like to sell / donate their Technical License Manual.  I am helping 
someone out of state and thought I might pick up a _*CURRENT*_ used book.

Thank you,
jelprice at gcbwifi.net

Looking for tower sections.  I have two Rohn "type" sections that are 17 
inches center to center on the legs.  So am looking for three or four 
more.  Am I correct that what I have is Rohn 35?  If I can not find 
sections to match what I have, I would be interested in either Rohn 25 
or 45   good / clean ... to go to 50 feet.  What do you have? Can pick 
up at a reasonable distance..  100 +/- mile radius from New Orleans.

Hickey Albarado
84184 North Factory Road
Folsom LA 70437
985 796 5565

albarado43 at bellsouth.net


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