[AARA] Maritime Special Event

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Mon Oct 17 17:45:37 EDT 2011

*Maritime Special Event*

On Oct 30, Lori KM5MQ will be boarding the Carnival Cruise ship
Conquest on Halloween week and participate in a Ham Radio Cruise!  She
and 25 others have gotten permission to have two Ham Radio HF
Screwdriver antennas installed on the 10th deck railing, near the aft
portion of the ship.  The two stations will be on the 9th deck, under
weather cover.  Listen for Maritime Mobile callsigns beginning with
"HP0", including KM5MQ, AA5R AE5OM, KV5V, and many others!
www.galveston.com/cruisecam/ <http://www.galveston.com/cruisecam/>
www.aprs.fi/km5mq-9 <http://www.aprs.fi/km5mq-9>
Freqs +/- QRM and active nets:
       6m- 50.125 USB
     10m- 28.400 USB (Technicians have a -great- shot at making contacts 
     12m- 24.960 USB
     15m- 21.390 USB
     17m- 18.160 USB
     20m- 14.300/.336/anywhere USB
     40m- 7.285/7.290/anywhere LSB
     75m- 3.873/3.925/anywhere LSB
Stations Operate Only While At-Sea (first two days then mainly in
evening thru early AM)
www.sailwx.info/shiptrack/shipposition.phtml?call=3FPQ9 (erratic coverage)
Times are approximate and -very- subject to change!
     Sun 10/30/2011 Leave Galveston (On-Air in Gulf by late afternoon)
(Off-Air during Meeting 5-6 PM)
     Mon 10/31/2011 Day At Sea (Off-Air during Meeting 10-11 AM)
     Tues 11/1/2011 Day At Sea (Off-Air during Meeting 10-11AM)
     Wed 11/2 Jamaica 9AM-6PM (Off-Air during Day at Port)
     Thurs 11/3 Grand Cayman 7:30AM-4PM (Off-Air during Day at Port)
     Fri 11/4 Cozumel 10AM-6PM (Off-Air during Day at Port)
     Sat 11/5 Day At Sea. (Off-Air during Meeting 10-11 AM) Take down
radios late afternoon. (Off-Air afterward, DUH!)
     Sunday 11/6 Back at Galveston, Texas (morning but off-air)

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