[AARA] Special Events / For Sale

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Mon Apr 16 10:06:55 EDT 2012

Black Bear Festival - Special Event Station

Hey Guys,
About mid week could you please put out a QST that the BEARS will be 
hosting a special event station Saturday at the Black Bear Festival in 
Franklin.  I know there is a ham fest that day, but some people might be 
We will (hopefully) start at 10am and end at 5pm CDT.  Plus or minus 
14.245 OR 7.245.  We will be operating only one HF transceiver.  Using 
the club call, W5BMC.
Also, for anyone who is on Echo Link, we will have 2m Echo Link on 
either W5BMC-R or KE5COV-R.
All check ins are welcome.
Thank you,
Jackie KA5LMZ

*ADR National Enduro Event - Forrest Hill, LA*

Its time for the ADR National Enduro at Forest Hill,  LA. on May 6, 2012 
Time 9:00am.  Please be there no later than 8:00 am
so we can get everyone assigned to a location.
We need Ham Operators to man crossings and trails for the public service 
event we do for them.  Bring your radios, food, chair,
water, and other items you may need.

I will send another reminder out one week prior of the Enduro.
Alexandria Club -  ARCCLA <http://arccla.us> as been supporting this 
effort for the past 4 years.
Hope to see everyone come out to help.
ADR flyer for 2012 National Enduro 

Earl L Morrow/*
*/ALLEN PARISH RADIO/* <http://allenparishradio.com/> */
Event Coordinator /**/_
PH # 1-337-515-6088_/*/*


For Sale

  Ham, Stereo, Vintage Radio, and Public Address equipment from the
  estate of Ted K Dauzart W5AMF.

  Email KD5EIY at AOL.COM <mailto:KD5EIY at AOL.COM> for a PDF list of
  equipment by return email.

  Please put "Estate" in the subject line.

  Also email Me to setup a showing date / time if there is a interested
  in any item.

  I am doing this to help Ted's two brothers to settle the estate.

  Thanks 73

  Joe Inabnet

  KD5EIY at aol.com


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