[AARA] AARA Field Day - First Bulletin

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Tue Jun 5 21:41:04 EDT 2012

AARA Field Day Plans*

Wednesday June 6^th .

Attached is the frequency plan for Field Day 2012. This is NOT the 
official AARA or Lafayette Parish ARES/EMCOMM plan. Please print out and 
use this plan from 6/6/12 -- 6/24/12.  Some discussion will take place 
at "Lunch Bunch" & the AARA
General Meeting Thursday night.

Below is the first bulletin for Field Day 2012. Except for tomorrow 
which is AARA's meeting night, you will be receiving a daily update. The 
last update will be emailed out around 8PM on Friday 6/22/12, the night 
before Field Day. The last update will have the location for Field Day 
and include some information about the site. The site does have shade 
and port o let, and will be in Lafayette Parish or one of the 
surrounding parishes. This year's site is NOT the best location in 
Acadiana to set up antennas, but the site will give us some unique 
challenges/opportunities for antenna locations and set up.

We will have a Field Day site FOX hunt starting around 5:30PM till 
7:30PM on Friday 6/22/12. The frequency for the FOX will be 147.520. You 
can hunt for the FOX solo or in groups by any means at your disposable. 
Groups can hunt for the FOX using mobile teams or base/mobile teams. 
Once you are in the general area of the Field Day site it will be easy 
for you to figure out where the site is. The first person than finds the 
site will receive an ARRL Field Day hat and pizza. The other FOX hunters 
will just get pizza, the quicker you find the site, the hotter the 
pizza. To make sure I have sufficient pizza on site, you MUST sign up 
for the FOX hunt no later than Wednesday 6/20/12. Just drop me an email 
at KF5FNP at cox.net <mailto:KF5FNP at cox.net> with "Field Day site FOX hunt" 
in the subject line and I'll put your name on the list.

Saturday morning 6/23/12, prior to individual and club set up,  AARA 
members and local Amateur Radio Operators will be tested with performing 
communication task (challenge)based on the scenario. The challenge will 
be a fun and a learning experience for all that participate. You must be 
at the Field Day site by 8:30 AM if you want to participate in the 

After all of the challenges have been completed we will start individual 
and AARA antenna set up. Remember, BEFORE you transmit with your HF 
radio, check with the other hams via 2 meter radio to make sure no one 
else is on that band. AARA will have two HF radios for the members to 
use for Field Day. But you are welcome to bring your own radio and 
connect it to the club's antenna if you like.

Saturday night will be outdoor movie night. Starting around 8PM we will 
start showing a variety of Amateur Radio DVD's from ARRL. The run times 
for the movies are between 15 and 45 minutes. Popcorn will be served, 
but you must bring your own chair.

Because we are focusing on EMCOMM this year, prizes will be awarded at 
the July AARA meeting for the highest number of contacts in the 
following categories,using any band any mode. Contacts must be made from 
the club's field day location and during regular Field Day hours of 
operation and all contacts must be logged. It will be up to the you to 
determine which of your contacts are in Louisiana and ARES section 4. 
Bring your logs to the July meeting.

Louisiana contacts
Louisiana contacts in 1 hour
Louisiana ARES section 4 (Acadia, Evangeline, Iberia, Lafayette, St. 
Landry, St. Martin, St. Mary, and Vermillion Parishes)
Louisiana ARES section 4 in 1 hour
ARRL region 5 (Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, 
and Texas)
ARRL region 5 in 1 hour

New Orleans had Katrina, Lafayette is going to have Kaboudreaux. Get 
ready, because It's going to be ugly! Here is the first bulletin.


NHC reports that a TD has formed off the South-West coast of Florida. 
They have named it Kaboudreaux. All of the models show it moving toward 
the West. Because of warmer than normal water in the Gulf of Mexico, 
conditions are very favorable for strengthening.


Here are a couple of You Tube videos that dove-tail into our Field Day, 
I know you will find them interesting.


*Governor Bobby Jindal declares June 18-24, 2012 "Amateur Radio Week" in 
June 2, 2012

This week Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed a proclamation 
declaring June 18-24 the official "*Amateur Radio Week in Louisiana*".
This proclamation is the first of it's kind this year, recognizing ham 
radio in an official capacity.

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