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Here's a follow-up about Duncan from Dan Edwards, W5XZ who lived a time in
Folsom and now in Dallas. 






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W5DC, Duncan Carter. SK 6 / 6 / 12


Duncan was an EE; he worked for Collins, and Hy-Gain; later, he started

 If you didn't know him, he was one HELL of a great guy...



First time i heard Duncan I was in Optometry School, in Forest Grove,
Oregon, on

 75m SSB.  He was ridiculously loud and working JA's. around 1976, or so.  I
had no

 idea we would later meet.  I also did not know he was using a pre-cursor to
the now

 popular "4 square".  His version was a parasitic array, with 2 driven
elements and

 2 reflectors; spacing was equal at 0.2 wavelengths, and the array was 4
verticals, in

 a square. " it minimizes the ground losses..." he used to say. 4 1/4 wave

 tied in parallel at the center, and relays at the elements to select a
loading coil and

 short a feedline, or select a feedline as a driven element.



Later, when i moved to Baton Rouge in 1979, we met.  He liked the low bands
and liked

 cw dx contesting, so we hit it off immediately.  Duncan had a pre-cursor to
the 'Waller

 Flag' at that time, for 160m.  He used a rotary pair of small, resonant
shielded loops,

 and introduced me to what is now called 'cross-fire' phasing. Mounted near

 level, the 2 loops were on a pvc boom, which was rotated with a Ham-M.  He
said it

 had a pattern like a 3 element yagi.....on 160m !!!



Duncan was a master at locating huge rolls of low loss feedline, and



Even though Duncan was a 'quad guy', he encouraged me to explore the

 W2PV designs.  I still contend Lawson's 4 element, 3/4 wave boom designs

 the most db's for the least dollars.  Duncan warned me about gamma

 "it is very easy to match the losses, if you're not careful"...so I stuck
with split

 driven elements, and hairpin matches;  the 4 / 4 stacks on 20 thru 10m were

 real treat, back when I had 3 acres out in the country as a
bachelor.....Duncan was

 kind enough to loan me his General Radio 1606a rf impedance bridge to help

 understand the impact of guy wires on rotary, side-mounted yagis.  Soon

 I was ordering Phillystran...at least for the top half or so of my tower



I know Duncan was instrumental in getting Bob Taylor, WB5LBT (SK),
successful results

 with a moonbounce array of quads on 2 meters.  Bob was, i think, a 'rock
star' on

 the moon, from his suburban lot in Baton Rouge.  Duncan had magic fingers

 long boom 2 meter quads....and we all knew it... 

I also know Duncan was instrumental in developing some long boom HF quads

 "Cajun Iron Man, Emeritus" W5WMU.  Perhaps Dr. Sonnier can elaborate on

Later, we both left La. but stayed in touch intermittently.  In his later
years he became

 a "k-3 guy", ultimately assembling an entire ' K-Line '... When I told him
about LoTW,

 he was overjoyed. "the curse of the dx contester has been lifted !!!"
(paper QSL's)

 Never mind that I still haven't set mine up yet. He owned a microphone but

 preferred CW...I'm sure he could send and copy 35 wpm in his sleep...



Duncan was a faithful spouse and father to his family.  He was generous with
his time

 and resources.  We will surely miss him dearly.  If I make it, I hope to
see him

 upstairs one day...      73 Dunc W5DC de W5XZ   sk


( i'm tearing up ......)    "pay attention to the losses...." he always



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