[AARA] Local Ham Receives FAA Award

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Fri Mar 23 07:13:26 EDT 2012

*Local Ham Tom Monroe WB5UTK Receives FAA Award*

    *_Tom Monroe Presented Prestigious Charles Taylor Award_*
    March 9-- Tom Monroe came to work today completely unaware he was
    about to get the surprise of his life -- the prestigious Charles
    Taylor award, presented by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration
    (FAA). Surrounded by his fellow employees and managers, Tom, who
    serves as Chief Inspector for Bristow's FAA Repair Station in
    Louisiana, was recognized by the FAA for his lifetime
    accomplishments as a senior aviation mechanic.
    "This came as quite a surprise to me. I had no idea this was going
    to happen," said Tom afterward. "I have to say that I have been
    supported by so many people here and without their help I could not
    have been successful. This is a great organization."
    Tom began his career in 1960, when he joined the U.S. Air Force. For
    the next seven years, he performed maintenance on various aircraft
    and engines. He was discharged in 1967; shortly thereafter he joined
    Pan American world Airlines. In 1970 he began his helicopter
    maintenance career with Ramapo Aero & Helicopters Inc. as line
    mechanic. In 1974 he joined Air Logistics, leaving in 1981
    to perform the duties of Chief Inspector for Gulf Helicopters until
    1983. he left the aviation field for two years and returned  to Air
    Logistics in 1985. He has been with Bristow ever since, performing
    various duties ranging from line mechanic to maintenance control
    manager to his present position as chief inspector. In all, he has
    been employed by Bristow Group for 34 years.
    The FAA presents the Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award to only a
    select few each year. The award honors Charles Taylor, the first
    aviation mechanic in powered flight, who served as the Wright
    brothers' mechanic and is credited with designing and building the
    engine for their first successful aircraft. The award recognizes
    individuals who have exhibited professionalism, skill and aviation
    expertise for at least 50 years in the aircraft maintenance
    profession as "master mechanics."  Recipients receive a plaque
    signed by the FAA administrator and lapel pin and have their name,
    city and state added to a published "Roll of Honor" on the FAA
    Safety web site.

    /Caption: Tom Monroe (center), holding his certificate from the
    FAA, surrounded by members of his maintenance team. /
    Pete Talbot
    Avionics Tech - Base Stations

    **Bristow U.S. LLC**
    AcadianaRegional Airport
    4605 Industrial Drive
    New Iberia, Louisiana 70560
    337-335-2385 - Direct
    337-654-5301 - Cell
    337-364-4858 - Fax
    pete.talbot at bristowgroup.com <mailto:pete.talbot at bristowgroup.com>

    //Confidence in flight. Worldwide.//

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