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*Icom 756 Pro II for Sale*

Good buy  !!!
Dallas -
Would appreciate it if you please post this:

For sale: Icom 756 PROII for HF & 6m, with Icom PS-125 power supply and 
HM-36 microphone.  I am the original owner, and the radio is in good 
condition, from a smokeless environment. Includes manual and original 
boxes. If necessary, shipping (double boxed) is extra.  $1495.00


*Fred Maia, W5YI, (SK)*

ARLX002 Fred Maia, W5YI, (SK)

Special Bulletin 2  ARLX002
> From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT  March 30, 2012
To all radio amateurs

ARLX002 Fred Maia, W5YI, (SK)

The holder of one of the best-known US Amateur Radio call signs,
Frederick (Fred) Maia, W5YI, died of cancer Wednesday, March 28. He
was 76 and was a resident of Arlington, Texas.

Fred was a leading Amateur Radio journalist for nearly 35 years and
a pioneer of the volunteer examining program adopted by the FCC in

Maia published "The W5YI Report," dubbed "America's Oldest Ham Radio
Newsletter," from 1978 to 2003, and has been a CQ contributing
editor since 1985. His regulatory affairs column, first titled
"Ticket Talk," then "Washington Readout," offered news and
perspective on FCC Regulations and ITU actions. His final column
will appear in the May 2012 issue of CQ.

After the FCC adopted volunteer examining for all levels of Amateur
Radio licensing in 1984, Fred became the first Volunteer Examiner
Coordinator (VEC) appointed by the FCC. Fred subsequently founded
The W5YI Group in 1986 to develop, publish and sell amateur and
commercial radio license study materials. In the realm of FCC
commercial radio licensing, Fred formed National Radio Examiners to
provide examination services.

Maia served as President of the W5YI-VEC until his retirement in
October of 2000 when he sold The W5YI Group study material products
to Master Publishing, Inc. The retail operations were purchased by
General Manager Larry Pollock, NB5X, newly appointed President of
the W5YI-VEC and National Radio Examiners organizations. Maia
continued writing "The W5YI Report" newsletter until July 2003.

A graduate of the US Air Force Radio Operators School, Fred was an
avid CW operator. He was first licensed as a teenager as W1NTK in
Brockton, Massachusetts, where he grew up. Maia was later licensed
as W5UTT, and held DXCC CW awards and EU-PX-A CW. He was a member of
QCWA and Life Member of the ARRL.

For several decades, Maia also served on the National Conference of
Volunteer Examiner Coordinators (NCVEC) as a member of the Question
Pool Committee that oversees the development and maintenance of the
Amateur Radio license examination question pools.

ARRL Chief Executive Officer David Sumner, K1ZZ, commented: "Amateur
Radio is healthier today because of the tireless efforts of Fred
Maia. While Fred did not always see things quite the same way as the
ARRL, in my experience he always had the best interests of Amateur
Radio at heart. He was a major figure who will be sorely missed."

He is survived by his wife, Doris, and two daughters. A memorial
service will be held at 3 PM, Saturday, March 31, at Moore Funeral
Home, 1219 North Davis Dr, Arlington, TX 76012.

*Rookie Roundup -- Ideas for Clubs*

One of the most common concerns expressed by clubs is they want to help 
their new hams get on the air and learn HF operating skills.  Field Day 
is a great opportunity -- and many hams made their first HF QSOs on that 
last full weekend of June -- but it only comes once a year.  That's 
where the ARRL Rookie Roundup [hyperlink to www.arrl.org/rookie-roundup 
<http://www.arrl.org/rookie-roundup>] comes in.

The Rookie Roundup is a contest especially for new hams -- those first 
licensed in the current and preceding two years -- and it occurs three 
times a year on the third Sunday of April, August, and December.  Each 
contest uses a different mode.  April is the SSB contest, RTTY is 
featured in August, and December is a Morse code contest.

April /QST/ includes a feature on the Rookie Roundup -- this is a great 
opportunity to open up the club station or arrange for a member to host 
a multioperator effort as described below. Now there are a total of six 
ARRL HF contests for newcomers every year: Field Day, three Rookie 
Roundups, and two School Club Roundups.  (Eight, if you count Kid's Days 
in January and June.)  Take advantage of these opportunities to get your 
new hams on HF!

Multioperator Category

Many clubs asked about adding a category for multiple rookies sharing a 
single station -- such as a club station.  Beginning with the April 2012 
contest, a multioperator category has been added!  Any number of rookies 
can participate -- assisted by any number of non-rookie helpers and 
Elmers -- as long as a single transmitter is used.  This is a bit 
different than the usual Multioperator, Single Transmitter category 
which allows a second radio to make contacts.  Certainly, the rookies 
not making contacts can tune around and find other stations to work -- 
the contacts have to be made from one operating position, though.

There are no restrictions on what type of station may be used, the 
number of rookies, the number of helpers and mentors -- it's very much 
like Field Day or a regular contest multioperator effort.  You can go 
fast or slow, call CQ or search and pounce.  This is not only a great, 
low-pressure way for newcomers to try HF operating and get comfortable 
with a microphone, key, or keyboard but it's great training for Field 
Day, too!  These new operators will be able to contribute at a much 
higher level having had experience in the Rookie Roundup.

Team Competition

Another requested feature for Rookie Roundup was to support team 
competition.  In response, we added a competition for five 
single-operator Rookie category entrants to add their scores together to 
create a single team score.  A Rookie's individual score will still be 
listed separately so now they can compete in two ways at once!  Note 
that multioperator entries can not be included in team scores.

A team registration form will be available on the ARRL Rookie Roundup 
website before the contest -- watch the website for information on how 
to submit and deadlines for submitting team information.

Contest Ideas

In no particular order, here are some ideas to jump-start your club's 
thinking about operating in Rookie Roundup -- use one of these ideas or 
make up your own!  As the note at the end of this article suggests, be 
sure to let us know about your ideas, too.

üBreak out the club's emergency communications gear and set up an HF station

üCreate two teams of rookies and have a competition within your club

üChallenge another local club to a multioperator competition

üCombine Rookie Roundup with a post-contest pizza feed to share stories

üPair up individual mentors and rookies and form teams to combine scores

üSet up a "mini-Field Day" station in a public place for some ham radio 

üInvite non-hams to participate as spectators

üHave young rookies challenge the older rookies

üAward prizes for most contacts made, most states contacted, most 
rookies worked, etc

You'll find plenty of other ideas to try -- have fun with the contest!

Other Notes

Since 6 meters did not turn out to attract much attention, we dropped 6 
meters from the Rookie Roundup effective with the April 2012 contest.  
We will continue to publish the results of Rookie Roundup during the 
same week of the contest.  Score submissions will still be required 72 
hours after the contest.

N1MM Logger (hyperlink to n1mm.com) remains the only standalone package 
supporting Rookie Roundup along with the online logging website, In The 
Log (hyperlink to inthelog.com).  You may also log on paper log sheets 
-- a downloadable log sheet is available on the contest's website.

Tell Us About It!

If you do host or enable a Rookie Roundup operation, be sure to let 
everyone know by taking photos and posting them to the ARRL Soapbox web 
page (hyperlink to www.arrl.org/soapbox <http://www.arrl.org/soapbox>).  
Send a copy of your story to contests at arrl.org 
<mailto:contests at arrl.org>, as well.  Success breeds success -- by 
publishing your account, other clubs will be encouraged to help their 
own rookies "break into the big leagues", too!


Sean Kutzko, KX9X
Contest Branch Manager

ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio^(TM)
225 Main St.
Newington, CT  06111
skutzko at arrl.org <mailto:skutzko at arrl.org>


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