[AARA] SK Estate Sale - Ham Equipment

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Mon May 21 10:14:26 EDT 2012

Please do not contact me about this equipment.  I only pass it along on 
my reflector.  Use the contact information below.
Herman KN5GRK


Hello Mr. Herman, I have been asked by the family of a silent key to 
help sell his station equipment.  All items are like new and some are 
new in box and never used.The SK was a non-smoker and had no pets.  I 
have viewed all of the equipment and can verify it is in excellent 
I would ask that you please forward these items to your E-mail list and 
aid with the sale.

*Please call for prices between 4 and 7 PM 1-337-475-4053
*or E-mail me, Allen Fontenot kd5ozj at yahoo.com <mailto:kd5ozj at yahoo.com> 
any time. All equipment is located in Eunice, LA and pickup or shipping 
can be arranged upon request.

-Diamond Antenna SG7900 Mag. Mount

-SG7500 Antenna

-YAESU FT270 R/E VHF FM Transceiver (complete)

-Morse Code Key Vebraplex Model Iambic Std (NEW)

-MFJ-1020C - 3 to 30 Mhz Active SWL Antenna

-MFJ-1778 - 10 to 80 Meter G5RV Antenna (NEW)

-MFJ-1779B - 80-40 Meter Single Band Dipole (NEW)

-MFJ-550 Telegraph Key (NEW)

-MFJ-554 Classroom Code Practice Oscillator (NEW)

-MFJ-13120 AC Adapter Class 2 Transformer (NEW)

-MFJ-58100 - 100 ft RG-58 A/U Coax Patch Cable (NEW)

-YAESU FT-897D - HF/VHF/UHF Ultra-Compact Transceiver with Mic

-Various Electronic Components - $100 value

-AM/FM Radio Kit $30 value (NEW)

-SMT - Training Course Model SM-200K Surface Mount Technology Kit (NEW)

-Solder Practive Kit Model SP-3B (NEW)

-Solder Pratice Kit Model AK-100/SP-1A (NEW)

-MFJ-8400K 2-meter Receiver Kit (NEW)

-Desoldering Pump

-Ameri-Kit AK-100 Learn to Solder Kit

-Vertex Mobile External Speaker

-Vertex Battery Charger CD-24

-YAESU DC Power Supply Model FD-1023

-MFJ-564 Iambic Key Paddle

-WOUXUN FM Dual Bander Dual Band Dual Frequency

-WOUXUN Speaker/Microphone

-WOUXUN - Programing cable & disc

-WOUXUN - Car Charger

-YAESU - HF/50MHZ Transceiver FT-450 Antenna Tuner Built In AT (NEW IN

-MFJ-8100 World Band Shortwave Receiver Kit

-2 Meter Copper J-Pole

-Lo Band Pass Filter 1.5 - 30 mhz

-Soldering Gun (Radio Shack)

-MFJ QRP Portable Antenna Tuner (Like New)

-MFJ HF/VHF SWR Analyzer Model MFJ-259B

-ULI Interface Sound Card

-MFJ Deluxe Travel Tuner with SWR/watt meter & Balun Model-90411

-Buddy Pole Triple - Ratio Switch Balun 100 watt max

-Pacific Antenna Pac-12 Kit 10-40 meter Mobile Antenna

-MFJ Window Mount Antenna

-16 guage speaker wire Aprox. 250 foot roll

-10 meter wire die poll

-12 guage solid copper wire (Aprox 200 feet)

-Mobile Radio YAESU-FT817 with Pack & extras with portable antenna

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