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Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Fri Nov 2 16:47:42 EDT 2012

*Rhon 25 Tower Sections Wanted*

Looking for two sections of Rhon 25 tower Tight Budget preferably in the 
nearby Acadiana area to help get me up on the air.

James Williams
kf5rbw at gmail.com

This weekend is ARRL SweepStakes CW.  Please get on and look for W5RU  
(KN5O,  K1DW and others)  Work us and spot us.  Being spotted with the 
comment "_*Louisiana and Loud*_" will help bring a pile up to us.
We will be a #  M W5RU 55 LA.  (# = a sequential number)  For CW guys 
this is a great time.
There are new sections this year in CANADA (see below)  and check the 
rules.... http://www.arrl.org/sweepstakes
have fun.
  73 BCNU de  Dallas K1DW
  ... keep the CW RF flowing!



Please send this out on your reflector.


Doug Faunt N6TQS, long time member of HFpack, was one of the 14 rescued 
by the Coast Guard during
the Monday 29 October 2012 sinking of the tall ship Bounty off the coast 
of North Carolina
during Hurricane Sandy.

Sadly, Robin Walbridge KD4OHZ, captain of the Bounty, has been lost at 
sea, after not making it to the
lifeboats while the ship was sinking. After 90 hours, the Coast Guard 
has called off the search.

Just before the ship went down, N6TQS and KD4OHZ used ham radio Winlink 
HF email to contact the Coast Guard,
after other comm methods failed.

(info distilled from numerous media reports)

Bonnie Crystal KQ6XA
*AARA Nominating Committee *

A nominating committee was selected at the November 1st AARA General 
Meeting to interview and select officers for upcoming 2013 year.
Nick Pugh K5QXJ Committee Chairman
Archie Hill W5AG
Larry LeBlanc KE5KJD
Galen Wilson KF5BET
Nick Romero KE5MWX
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