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Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sat Nov 10 21:17:58 EST 2012

Guys, I didn't mean to offend anyone, I don't want to make enemies of 
anyone.  I am just trying to make a point on sending e-mails that some
of you may not know.

Here are some things you may not understand about Forwarded E-Mails:

1.  I am getting about four to five copies of of the same e-mails from 
different sources "*Forwarded*" e-mails.  I notice that most of you have
not "*Bcc*:"(*Blind Carbon Copy* - for privacy) them.
I see everyone that is on the list, many I do not know and am sure you 
do not know most of them.  I took one e-mail and copied them in "*To:*"  
and did not
"*Bcc:*" them on purpose to let you see them.
2.  I have a "Alias" e-mail address.  I could copy all the e-mail 
addresses and send a virus, porn, spam, etc. and you would never know
where it came from. /*I know you would not like that!*/
3.  There are "Hackers" out there that steal e-mail addresses and sell 
them.  Ever get e-mails from unknown people trying to sell you
something or get you to join a service?
4.  I am trying to run a e-mail reflector dedicated to "Ham Radio", I 
don't really have time to read jokes, political, religious, etc. some of 
require me to open a "Attachment" which opens a door to viruses.  I have 
been sending them back to those who send them to me. */I will refrain 
from /**/
/**/doing that in the future. /*
5.  I have arthritis which makes typing harder for me to do, so I try to 
keep typing down as much as possible.  I don't know how much longer
I can keep doing my reflector and newsletter.

I try to keep my e-mails as confidential as possible, sometimes I make a 
mistake and get fussed at, but I am human and will probably keep making
them, just bear with me.  Hope this information will enlighten some of 
you.  I am always open to suggestions.

*How To Edit E-Mail Headers*
I use Thunderbird as my e-mail client which is very easy to cut out 
headers you receive in your e-mails.  There are a couple of ways to do this.

1.  First use the "*Forward*" or "*Reply*" command.  When new message 
comes up, hold down the left mouse button, highlight the text you want to
cut, go to *"Edit"*, and hit *"**Cut"*, this will eliminate your e-mail 
headers or other unwanted text.  Put your *"To**:*" e-mail addresses and 
use the "*Bcc*:" if you don't want others to know
who it is going to.
2.  Another Way:  On your incoming e-mails, use the "*Edit:*" command, 
select "*Select All:*", then hit the "*Copy:*" command, then select 
"*Write*" to
wright a new message,  select the text area and hit the "*Paste:*" 
command.  Use the same directions in #1.

*My E-Mail Reflector*
If you have any ham radio items for sale, trade, items you are looking 
to buy, send me a e-mail but please do the following:
1.  Send me a detailed description, pictures if possible and asking price.
2.  Make sure you have your contact information such as telephone 
number, e-mail address, and amateur call sign.  I will not respond to 
inquiries directed
to me, please respond to person posting message.
3.  Only amateur radio equipment or ham related items only.

*Remember our Vets November 11, 2012*

Herman Campbell

Hope this helps a lot, just takes practice.

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