[AARA] GO-Kit Day - Update

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Fri Nov 16 07:44:55 EST 2012

*This will be like a Mini-Field Day*.


Hi Hams:

Here is the information for our GO-KIT day.

*Date:*  November 17, 2012
*Time:* 9AM to 2PM
*Location:*  Ed Roy's ( WA5TNK) Farm
                   7572 Hwy 93, Arnaudville, LA

*Frequencies and times:*

We should not have any problems making phone contacts because their is a
Sweepstakes Phone contest on 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters. But
this could be problematic for our Louisiana voice contacts.

*Saturday November 17, 2012 (*all times Central Standard Time)

0830 - Activate 2 Meter FOX (146.560 5 watts with rubber duck antenna) 
from GO-KIT day site.
0830 - 9:00  Hams start to arrive and set up their rigs - no commercial 
power available, so will be using battery, solar or generator power.
0900 - 9:15  Link up with Lafayette hospitals and other hams in 
Louisiana on 7.240 MHz LSB.
0915 - 9:30  If no contacts are made by 0915 on 7.240 MHz switch to 
3.940 MHz LSB.
0930 - 10:30  Check into the Southern Territory SATERN Net on 7.262 MHz LSB.
1030 - Check into the NRA's (National Rifle Association) special event 
station on 7.250, 14.050,14.250, 21.335 MHz and/or the
             YL Net on 14.332 MHz.
1100 - Start making digital contacts on 3.583 MHz USB using PSK-31 and 
then switching to /*Contestia**/ 16/500.  If  80 meters is dead
             switch to 7.0725 MHz USB.
1300 - Be set up on 7.072.5 MHz USB PSK-31 for our contact with Archie 
W5AG at Mountain Bayou Lake Boy Scout Camp near Chicot State Park.
1330 - Make voice contact with Archie on 7.240 MHz LSB.
1400 - Stand Down.

******/Contestia/***is a digital mode that is very very similar to 
Olivia. It is similar because it was directly derived from Olivia by 
Nick Fedoseev - UT2UZ.

These are just some suggested times and frequencies for you to try.  You 
will be able to operate on any band in any mode if you would like, just 
be sure
to check with the guy next to you before you key up.
If you plan to use FLDIGI please download the latest version 3.21.61 at 

I am planing on arriving at Ed's Farm for 0800 for those that want to 
get an early start and have flag markers at the location. We will use 
the 146.820
Pl-103.5 in Lafayette for the talk in frequency/repeater. Please email 
me at KF5FNP at cox.net if you have any questions.



Ed's Farm is located about 1 mile East of Beau Chene school on the South 
side of Hwy. 93.  "A" marks the spot.

*Purpose:*  To gain experience setting up and operating your personal 
GO-KIT.  We will also try and establish a HF radio link with Archie Hill 
W5AG who will be
at the Mountain Bayou Boyscout Camp.
*Objective:*  To have fun with fellow hams, local & nationwide.
*What to bring:*  Everything you need to operate your GO-KIT and log 
contacts, and sustain yourself in the field as far as drinks and food.
*Talk in:*  146.820 repeater PL 103.5
*Cancellation:*  Please check in on the 146.820 repeater before leaving 
for the GO-KIT site, just in case we have to cancel because of weather 
or other reasons.
*Fox Hunt:*  We will not have a fox hunt this time, but I plan to have 
the fox (146.560) on the air by 0830 if you want to practice your fox 
hunting skills.

Please join us even if you don't want to bring your own gear out and set 
up.  Contact me if you have any questions.

Glen Thibodeaux
cell 337.288.0122
kf5fnp at cox.net

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