[AARA] Ham Equipment for Sale

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Tue Sep 18 18:01:01 EDT 2012

Joe Glorioso N5OZG
joen5ozg at cox.net

A Silent Key family member,  asked me to please post these items for sale.
For Sale
Kenwood 7600 2 meter with power supply and mike   $90.00
Drake Tr-4 / with receiver RV4c                   $400.00
Kenwood 120 HF rig                                $150.00
Drake L4B Amp                                     $400.00
Antenna switch box A/B                            $10.00
45 Foot crank up tower plus it leans over/Rotors  ( Best Offer)
Please Call Richard at 504-393-6305 for any questions on items..
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