[AARA] 9202 reflector information for Louisiana IRLP net

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sat Apr 6 06:46:59 CDT 2013

The statewide repeater is already connected to Louisiana network on 
443.800  W5NB.

Schedule is:

23:00 to 04:00    Reflector 9100 Insomniac Net

04:05 to 10:55    Reflector 9202 Louisiana  Net

11:00 to 14:00   Reflector 9109 Morning Net (Alaska)

14:05 to 22:55   Reflector 9202 Louisiana Net

Anyone is welcome to use the system.

Fred Marshall

(337) 886 2381

(337) 298-0780 (cell)

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/You can only deal with the present moment.  Everything else is a 
memory, a hope or a fear./

In GOD we trust.

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