[AARA] Collins Repair Needed

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Mon Apr 8 11:47:35 CDT 2013

I have aquired Collins rcvr and transmitter  s. line.  They are being 
repaired now by a technician in Texas. I have the Collins 30L1 RF Amp 
also. It needs to be checked.  I am not getting full deflection from meter.

I have the Collins controller with phone patch also,  The Power Supply 
with the transmitter has been recapped etc.

I have all the cables, that are needed to hook the receiver and 
transmitter.  I am confortable trying to hook up all this stuff, 
although I do have some instructions.

I would pay a reasonable fee for someone to help me get the system on 
the air when I get everything back.
I  would appreciate any help in making a contact with the person who can 


kenneth_goss at bellsouth.net

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