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  World Amateur Radio Day 2013

<http://www.iaru-r2.org/wp-content/uploads/Logo-IARU.jpg>Each year on 18 
April, radio amateurs around the world celebrate World Amateur Radio 
Day.  On that day in 1925 the International Amateur Radio Union was 
founded.  In 1913 there occurred the first recorded instance of amateur 
radio being used to provide communications in a natural disaster, during 
severe flooding in the Midwest of the United States.

Accordingly, the theme of the event for 2013 is "Amateur Radio: Entering 
Its Second Century of Disaster Communications."

Activities on the occasion of World Amateur Radio Day 2013 can be a 
great opportunity to spread the word about what the "hams" are doing in 
the field of disaster communications in the 21st Century.

*Amateur Radio Day* celebrates the beginnings of the IARU -- the 
/International Amateur Radio Union/ -- back in 1925. They are best 
recognised for their contribution to disaster relief workers in areas 
where communications are little to non-existent.

  Puerto Rico once again on-the-air during World Amateur Radio Day 2013

To make echo of this year's theme 'Amateur Radio: entering its Second 
Century of Disaster Communications', the Puerto Rico Field Day Group 
will be operating *KP4FD* to celebrate World Amateur Radio Day on the 
Municipal Emergency Management Agency Office (OMME) on the city of 
Cataño. There will be a presentation about Amateur Radio in the 
premises. Operation will be on the HF bands.

Confirmations will be via LoTW and there will be an electronic 
certificate available, make your petition with info on QSO to 
wp3gw at arrl.net <mailto:wp3gw at arrl.net>.
If you would like to receive a printed one, please send a large SASE or 
envelope with sufficient USA postage.
More info via www.qrz.com/db/KP4FD <http://www.qrz.com/db/KP4FD>

Remember that our friends from PZK in Poland issue a yearly WARD Award. 
Info on how to obtain one is via 


    2013 World Amateur Radio Day -- April 18 -- Celebrates 100 Years of
    Disaster Communications

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This year marks the 88th anniversary of the founding of the 
International Amateur Radio Union (*IARU* <http://www.iaru.org/>). To 
mark this occasion, the IARU and its more than 160 Member Societies will 
celebrate World Amateur Radio Day on April 18. For many years, the IARU 
Administrative Council has declared a theme for each World Amateur Radio 
Day. The theme for 2013 is /Amateur Radio: Entering Its Second Century 
of Disaster Communications/.

*Honoring the Theme of Disaster Communications *

The theme commemorates the first known use of Amateur Radio in a 
disaster situation: Herbert V. Akerberg -- a 15-year-old from Hilltop, 
Ohio -- is believed to be the first person to use Amateur Radio to call 
for help during a disaster. In late March 1913, the Scioto River in 
downtown Columbus, Ohio flooded its banks, killing more than 100 people. 
According to a *November 2012 article in /The/ /Columbus Dispatch/* 
Akerberg used his home radio transmitter to send SOS calls via Morse 
code for nearly 72 hours.

According to the /Dispatch/, Akerburg's services were "highly commended 
by the city authorities, and his achievement widely heralded over the 
country as a new contribution to the comparatively new science of 
radio." Herbert Akerberg passed away in Scottsdale, Arizona on November 
6, 1964.

*Stations On the Air for World Amateur Radio Day *

Several IARU Member Societies -- and clubs related to them -- will have 
special event stations on the air in celebration of World Amateur Radio 
Day. As of April 4, these stations include:

*/4A8DMR/*: FMRE -- Mexico's IARU Member Society -- with the help of 
Grupo DXXE, will activate 4A8DMR, a unique prefix, for the first time. 
DMR stands for Día Mundial del Radioaficionado, or World Amateur Radio 
Day. This station will be active from April 18-21 on all bands from 
160-6 meters in all modes, including EME, as well as on Amateur Radio 
satellites from different grid squares throughout Mexico. QSL via N7RO 
and LoTW.

*/CR5IARU/*: REP -- Portugal's IARU Member Society -- will be on the air 
April 13-19 on all bands. QSL via CT1REP (bureau or direct).

*/KP4FD/*: To echo the theme for this year, the Puerto Rico Field Day 
Group will be active on April 18 from the Emergency Management Agency of 
the city of Cataño, Puerto Rico. QSL via LoTW.

If your IARU Member Society or club will be active to celebrate the 
World Amateur Radio Day, please notify IARU Region 2 News Editor Joaquin 
Solana, XE1R, via *e-mail* <mailto:xe1r at iaru-r2.org>.

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