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Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Wed Apr 24 18:53:04 CDT 2013

Hi Herman,
I sure hate to do this but I need to put my communications bus up for sale.
If you could circulate this I would appreciate it. The bus is a great asset
but I haven't used it except for hurricanes and special events.
I've been too busy in the last year to do the Special Olympics and other
events so it's time to let it go.
I've got 6 years and over $200K in it but I'm looking for the best offer I
can get over $50K.
It can be seen athttp://www.emcomm-support.org
Below is a complete description of all of the inventory on board.
Bill Gabour
Baton Rouge, LA
The bus IP phone is 225 448-1000
Email:ab5g at cox.net

Bus Detatils:

*Emergency Communications Support Bus*



Contact: Bill Gabour

Email: ab5g at cox.net


Communications bushttp://www.emcomm-support.org/images/3pics-1.jpg

1976 Silver Eagle Bus 40'

Factory Refurbished Detroit Diesel with approximately 8,500 miles.

Bump the start button and it immediately starts.

4 Speed Manual Transmission.

Steering is Air Assisted w/lever for switching on or off.

Tanks hold 140 gallons of fuel with 4 -- 5 gallon containers underneath 
as reserve.

Bus was originally the Bill Gauthier's Trio Tour Bus outfitted in Nashville.

All under body framework from tag axle back was replaced approximately 9 
years ago.

Reinforcement steel added in 2006 for additional weight of batteries in 
under coach bins.

Central Air and Heat in working order.

Kobato Diesel Generator is approximately 18KW. Starts and runs good.

Body could use painting up top and has a few dents but OK as is. Bus 
needs a good bit of TLC but nothing expensive. Just things like antenna 
patching box on top needs better organizing and breaker box for shore 
power and bus power needs cleaning up. Comes with 120' of SO Cable #8 
for shore power or use Plug in on side of Bus. Generator has fed power 
to my house during extended outages after hurricane and was able to run 
my home Central Air and most appliances plus the bus AC and radios.

There is a small crease running down a couple of side bins on one side 
of the bus that is not very noticeable and should be fairly easy to 
straight out. It's not on painted area. Not noticeable from more than 
about 10' away.

Over $200,000 was spent on the bus including stripping 2 front stations 
all the way to the metal skin and floor.

Designing and adding facing stations in front with a wall in between for 
better acoustic isolation. Formica was used on most stations and the 
ceiling in the front.

The driver's station has not been upgraded except to add a tachometer.

Carpet is industrial grade (in squares) with boxes of extra for any 
future replacement.

There is a very comfortable bunk for one with storage underneath. It has 
its own reading lights and A/C vent.

There is a fold out couch in back room. Many of the lights were changed 
out with LED bulbs and a variety of extra LED lights is included.

There is a small apartment refrigerator and a small bathroom with 
toilet. Water hoses were never hooked up since the potable water tank 
was removed. Still has most of plumbing and electrical pumps/valves for 
water and sewer hooked up. We presently just use a jug of water to pour 
in the toilet. There is a grey water tank underneath with wheels so it 
can be capped and dumped when needed.

The Will-Burt Locking Pneumatic Tower is approximately 70'. On top of 
the mast is a Blue Sky Quad Mounting Kit with4 - 24" arms with 4 Bolster 
Plates to quickly attach and adjust the height and angle of each antenna 
when the tower is deployed.

It allows each antenna arm to be adjusted vertically to about 8 
different positions.

Will-Burt Tower and Blue Sky Mounts costs over $12,000.

There are several dual band VHF/UHF Business and Amateur Band Antennas. 
There are also several HF antennas including a motorized Tarheel HF 
mobile antenna that gets mounted on the rail that surrounds the roof of 
the bus. Also many other antennas for HF through 900 MHz. The GPS and 
Satellite antennas are also roof mounted.

There is an Aluminum Plate walkway down the center of the roof allowing 
easy access to the antennas and tower. It is painted with textured cool 
white paint made for swimming pool surroundings so it doesn't get very 
hot. The top of the tower is protected by a custom welded angle bracket 
in front of it to protect the tower from limb damage when in transit.

The .98m Satellite Dish on the front has an Auto Locator so that only 
pushing 2 buttons on the modem in Station #3 on the bus. It is only for 
Internet and feeds a wireless router on the bus. There is also an 
external wireless Dlink system that can be hooked up if wireless access 
is desired within a couple hundred yards of the bus. It has a 
weatherproof router with external antenna.

The following is a list of equipment included with the bus (starting 
from front to rear).

*Station 1:*

1 -- ICOM IC-621 UHF Smart Trunk II compatible 440-490 MHz radio

1 -- ICOM IC-521 VHF Smart Trunk II compatible 136-174 MHz radio

(Both work on Ham Bands and commercial)

1 - Dell Laptop with 2^nd monitor.

1 -- Alesis Powerstrip -- 8 with adjustable console lights and digital 

1 -- Mitsubishi Satellite phone with both standard handset and mic for 
group talking.

2 -- Equipment Racks with custom wood trim (spare air filtered covers)

1 -- Large Fire Extinguisher

Custom design Formica counters and acoustic designed station.

1 - Digital Atomic clock dual time zone

*Station 2:*

1 -- ICOM IC-621 UHF Smart Trunk II compatible commercial radio.

1 -- ICOM IC-521 VHF Smart Trunk II compatible commercial radio

1 -- Kenwood TMD700A Dual Band with APRS /options and remote kit

1 -- Vertex Standard VX400L (42-50 MHz) 70 watts Low Band Radio

1 -- Motorola (Military Spec) Micom 3F HF ALE Radio (covers all freq. on HF)

This radio also has the matching external auto tuner mounted on roof 
feeding a ball mount fiberglass antenna that screws together in 3 
sections. (Set costs $11,000)

1 - Dell Laptop with 2^nd monitor for running APRS and programming of 
all radios.

1 -- Alesis Powerstrip -- 8 with adjustable console lights and digital 

1 - Tactical TCB4 LCD Touch Panel (Interoperability Panel) rack mounted 
with 4 commercial/ham Tait Radios. Unit will take 8 radios or more. 
Radios can be programmed on different bands and frequencies in ham or 
for other Emcomm Radios frequencies.

Panel also has interface to add in a handheld radio and Nextel cell phones.

www.link-comm.com <http://www.link-comm.com>

Radios in TCB4 interoperability panel can be grouped into any configuration.

There are:

2 -- Tait UHF Radios are mounted and programmable with TCB4 Touch Screen

2 -- Tait VHF Radios are mounted and programmable with TCB4 Touch Screen

There is alsoseveral used 800 MHz radios that can be added if desired. 
Antennas are supplied for all radios. (Originally cost

Control Panel Display for Xantrex 3 Banks Battery Charger in Center Bus 
Bin underneath. It shows voltage and amperage use and charging on all 
three battery banks of Exide Batteries.

1 -- UPS Battery Backup with digital display for Freq/Voltage input and 

(Very useful when switching from shore power to generator).

*Station 3:*

Motosat Satellite system Control with iDirect 3000 series router

Datastorm D3 series Satellite controller has push button auto seek and 
lock for .98m Dish on roof of bus.

Linksys Broadband Wireless Router

Dell Laptop computer

Shelves designed and pre wired for UHF and VHF Repeater

(Repeater were removed and sold a while back but cabling is still there)

25 Amp 12VDC Power Supply -- Not in use since almost every radio on bus 
is running off of battery banks. Generator is primarily used for 
charging batteries and for Air Conditioning.

Small Bathroom

*Station 4:*

Monitoring Station (Operator can monitor All Frequencies)

ICOM R7000 All Band Receiver (Government Version unblocked)

Flex Radio SDR1500-30 w/all options (Government/Export Version unblocked)

InfoTech M-6000 Multi mode Receiver/Decoder w/M610 RTTY Scope

Computer and Monitor

Comfortable Bunk with reading lights and AC vent/privacy curtains

Storage space under bunk full of spare parts

Small Apartment refrigerator

*Station 5:*

Flex SDR Radio 1000 w/all options and Autotuner (cost $2,250)

Kenwood TS430 w/ AT230 Antenna Tuner

Digital Loggers, Inc. F16 USB Audio Logger w/16 channel individual gain 

(Homemade Interface was stolen with server that was being used to record 

*New interfaces can be made for each radio you wish to record.

Digital Loggers ( www.digital --loggers.com)

1 -Digital Loggers DB9 and serial controller with abt 20 I/O ports

1 - Dlink DSS 16T Router for LAN

1 -- Alesis Powerstrip -- 8 with adjustable console lights and digital 

2- UPS Backup Battery Supplies/Filters

1 -- Powermax RACMAX AC Surge Protection (rack mounted)

1 -- 2KW Inverter (never used)

Fold out couch and storage full of spare parts and extra items


Main Engine - Detroit Diesel with about 8500 since refurbished

140 gallon fuel tanks

12 -- Exel 200Ahr Batteries separated into 3 Banks

1 -- Xantrex TrueCharge 40+ Amp MultiStage Recharger w/remote in Station 2

Custom made Breaker Box with 3 Bank Battery inputs and Digital Display

1 -- Folding 16' ladder for roof access

Walkway on roof made of plate Aluminum coated with white textured Cool 

Box on roof for patching antennas to different radios on bus (needs 
better organizing)

Coiled strapped coax cables for antennas on mast that feed all antennas 
on 70' mast

Large variety Antennas for HF, VHF, UHF, 800 & 900 Mhz, and exterior 
wireless Broadband.

GPS and Satellite Phone domes and .98m satellite internet dish on roof.

Several antenna bases on roof rack that allow antennas to be quickly 

Custom Built Crank Fuel pump for fuel transfer from 5 gallon containers 
into main tanks.

Bins under bus contain many spare parts, antennas and accessories to 
radios that were never hooked up.

Exide industrial Battery Charger for Main Engine.

Marine Auto Charger for generator battery.

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