[AARA] Looking for old info

K5FNQ k5fnq at lusfiber.net
Wed Aug 21 07:56:22 CDT 2013

Group - Not sure if any of you saw the article in the new QST with 
mention about the memorial to ham radio operators killed while providing 
public service.

My memory want back to 1964 and the tragic death of Scotty Bernard who 
was killed during Hurricane Hilda while in the CD facility in Erath,

This is a link to the story

I am on a mission to get his name and call on the memorial but have hit 
a dead end on finding his call letters.  I am in contact with the author 
of the QST article and ARRL seems to think he was a CB operator.  My 
memory is otherwise.

I remember Scotty (we were the same age and both at USL) coming by the 
local CD facility before heading to Erath to operate.

So, if anyone remembers this and has any idea of Scotty's call or any 
other info please let me know


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