[AARA] Boatanchors for Sale

Art k5fnq at lusfiber.net
Sun Feb 3 22:31:44 CST 2013

I have been told by the XYL to start selling.

Looking to sell the following:

RME 6900   $300.00
RME 6900 (with weird tuning knob) $250.00
RME 4350  $275.00
RME VHF 126 Converter (Dail looks like the 4350 dial)
Drake T4X & Power Supply $300.00
Drake SPR-4 - $450.00 (with noise blanker)
Drake FS-4  $500.00
all are in working order and will be rechecked before shipping. Most 
have manuals.

Johnson Ranger parts unit ($75.00) (meter and some switches are gone)
Johnson Valiant parts unit ($75.00)

Price plus packing and shipping from 70503.

I can have them for the Lafayette Hamfest in March or can drive as far 
as New Orleans, Alaxendria, La or Beaumont, Tx.
Art, K5FNQ

Art Mouton
k5fnq at lusfiber.net
ARRL, QCWA, DXCC Honor Roll (Mixed & CW)

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