[AARA] ALERT NOTICE: SEVERE WEATHER For Sunday Night / All Day Monday - 24 - 25 February 2013

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sun Feb 24 17:04:54 CST 2013

TO:	All Corps Officers and Service Extension Directors,
		All Corps / Area Command EDS Coordinators,
		All State EOC Liaisons, ALM Division, Southern Territory, The
Salvation Army
		All SATERN Operators, ALM Division, Southern Territory, The Salvation

CC:		Maj. Hank Harwell, Divisional Secretary for Business,
		Ken Freeman, Asst. Divisional EDS Director
		Mark Jones, Divisional PIO, ALM Division, Southern Territory, The
Salvation Army
		Roger Watkins, Divisional IT Director, ALM Division, Southern
Territory, The Salvation Army
		Karl Ragan, Divisional Disaster Recovery Coordinator,
		Ali Davis-Walker, Disaster Recovery Site Supervisor for Tuscaloosa
		Jeff Jellets, Territorial Disaster Coordinator, Southern Territory,
The Salvation Army



The  National  Weather  Service and NOAA's Storm Prediction Center (SPC) is
predicting  that  much of the central and southern portions of our Division
will  likely  experience some form of sever weather.  It is likely to begin
on  Sunday  evening with heavy rain.  That will last into the early morning
hours  when  there will be a brief break of a few hours, followed by storms
that are much more severe in nature.

  Severe Weather Outlook - Afternoon & Evening of Monday, 25 February 2013
          Courtesy of the NOAA Storm Prediction Center - Norman, OK

The YELLOW area that covers all of Louisiana and most of southern
Mississippi and Alabama indicates a SLIGHT (15%) of severe weather.  The
are in RED surrounding all of southeastern Louisiana as well as the
Mississippi Gulf Coast and the Coastal Alabama Area Command indicates a
MODERATE (30%) chance of severe weather.

The weather will begin sometime tonight with heavy rain throughout the
region - as much as 1" to 3" as well as quarter size hail..  Flash Flooding
is a distinct possibility.

Sometime early on Monday morning there will be a slight lull in the

However by late morning or early afternoon through the evening hours of
Monday, a cold front from the West will collide with warm, moist air coming
from the South creating a strong squall line of severe weather.  The severe
weather will include heavy rain and the possibility of golf ball size hail
and some isolated tornadoes.  Portions of that squall line may be preceded
by individual storm cells that bring the potential for stronger tornadoes
and straight-line winds up to 80 mph.  Most of this will be in the RED area
on the map above.


All  Area  Commands, Corps and Service Centers in the Alabama - Louisiana -
Mississippi  Division - especially those in the RED area of the map above -
should  take  the  steps  necessary to be prepared for any potential severe
weather in their area.  This includes the following:

	1.  	Local   Units  should  monitor  their  local  news  and  weather  -
       particularly  when  their area of responsibility is being affected by
       severe weather.

	2.	Local Units should maintain regular contact with their local county
       EMA Directors to let them know that your unit is on standby and
       available if needed.

	3.	All Local Units with Canteens should insure that their Canteen is
       operational.  If your Canteen has any issues - particularly issues
       that would prevent it from being deployed - please inform Divisional
       EDS immediately.

	4.	Insure that they have a ready source for supplies should they need to
       be deployed.

		This is NOT authorization to pre-purchase supplies as a DHQ expense.
       Supply purchases that you want reimbursed by DHQ EDS must be

	5.	Area Commands, Corps and Service Centers should have an EDS Team on
       standby beginning late this afternoon and through the early morning
       hours until the severe weather passes.

       Canteen staffing can be by volunteers (best solution) or staff or a
       combination of volunteers and one staff supervisor.  Officers should
       not plan on being a staff member on their Canteen as they may be
       needed for other duties within the Incident Command System.

       Members of Corps residential programs are NOT eligible to be deployed
       as Canteen or EDS volunteers outside of their local area.

	6.	All SATERN Operators in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi should:

		a.	Contact your Local Corps Officer to let them know of your
          availability in the event that the Corps is called out for

		b.	Participate in the local SKYWARN Net and keep your Local Unit
          Leader informed of any important information (confirmed tornado
          sightings, serious wide-spread damage, etc.)

		c.	Check into the National SATERN Net on 14.265 MHz conducted daily
          at 10:00 AM (Central) / 1500 Z.

		d.	Be prepared to monitor the Hurricane Watch Net (HWN) on 14.325
          MHz.  HWN expects to be activated at XX (Central) / XXXX Z on day,
          Date Month Year.

		e.	Check into the Southern Territory SSB Net on 7.262 MHz on
          Saturday, Date Month Year for the latest information about
          activations in the Southern Territory.

		f.	Check into the Southern Territory Digi-Net on 14.065 MHz (Olivia
          5/1000)  at Noon (Central) / 1700 Z on Saturday, Date Month Year
          for the latest information about activations in the Southern

Finally, both I and Ken Freeman will be on call through our cell phones in
the event that something happens in your area.  If you need to deploy your
Canteen or EDS Team for some reason, please inform us as an FYI so that we
are aware of it.  And, obviously, if something happens that requires
Divisional assistance or just our advice and input, please feel free to
contact us at your convenience.  I can be reached through any of the
numbers in my signature block below.  Ken's cell phone is (601) 951-0932.

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