[AARA] WANTED - Navigator USB Interface

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Wed Jan 23 17:02:06 CST 2013

*WANTED-Navigator USB Interface*

Guys I am looking for one of the newer type interface, like the Navigator
USB", or the RigExpert interface "USB". I know some of the newer radios now
don't need an interface,
So hoping to buy one at a reasonable price .

Don Burns
don.burns at cox.net

Description: *The Navigator* is a high quality interface between the rig 
and the computer, for use in running the digital modes such as PSK31, 
Olivia, MFSK, Hellschreiber, MT-63, etc. It also works fine for SSTV 
using many popular software programs such as MMSSTV.

The Navigator interfaces to the rig using a USB port, thus it does not 
require a serial port on the computer. It provides CAT control to the 
rig via a serial connection from the Navigator to the rig. The Navigator 
is completely configured and defined in software, and future updates are 
expected to be flash-ROM updates that can be installed by the user.

    Description: *MixW RigExpert* is a device for operating CW and
    digital modes using a personal computer with USB port. It provides
    transceiver audio interface, CAT interface for various transceiver
    models, FSK output, PTT and CW keyer functions, and built-in
    electronic CW keyer. By using a transceiver cable, MixW RigExpert is
    connected to the transceiver audio in/out, FSK, CW and CAT sockets.
    No additional interface boxes needed to connect the device to a
    transceiver. It frees up the computer sound card and COM port
    previously used to operate digital modes.

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