[AARA] Ham Stuff for Sale & Give Away

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Fri Nov 1 09:11:05 CDT 2013

I used to do weak signal work on 2M, but I don't have the time or 
location for it now.  I'm parting with my 2M amp and an accompanying 
power supply. Please ask anyone interested to contact me.

The 2M amp is the Mirage B2518G (25W in 160W out) and and power supply 
is an Astron RS-50M capable of 37a.  As I recall you need 25 or 30 amps 
to run the B2518G. Both of these units seem to run about $225 or so used 
on eBay and other web sites as used.  I'd like to get $400 for amplifier 
and power supply with buyer paying shipping - the power supply weighs 
about 50 lbs.

I am cleaning out my garage and I have four cardboard boxes of stuff 
that is available for pickup for free.  There is a catch ..
*You gotta take it all!* Below is the list and if anyone wants it, 
please let me know and/or and ask them to call or email me.

3 boxes of vacuum tubes with about 15 to 20 per box.
1 Panasonic Fax machine KXFP151.
2 old car radios.
1 old vacuum tube radio with mini tubes - probably 50's.
A homemade, working 2M Moxon antenna (copper pipe which I welded)
(this actually works well) it has about 15' of RG8U attached.
A homemade 440 cubical quad beam - this one's broken but easily fixable 
and has 15' for so of RG8U.
3 old W2AU(?) baluns and lots of small pieces of wire antenna remnants
1 RX loop antenna I made and another RX antenna
1 old TV RX amplifier by National Radio - I was going to use this is a 
6M preamp because it should cover 6M, but I never got around to it.
Several unfinished electronics experiments.
The remains of a loop antenna I was building for 30M - the old variable 
cap is still on it, but I took the coax off.

*I'm near exit 38 in Alabama in Daphne - the Malbis exit  east of Mobile 
if anyone is interested in picking up the equipment ..

*Richard (K4DD)
earpr at bellsouth.net <mailto:earpr at bellsouth.net>
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