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So, basically we have a club e-mail list....  but it's not used
by the club officers or by the club members to discuss any club
business?  Is that about it?

One of the purposes of having an e-mail list is that there is an
archive available for members should they wish to refer to the
e-mails later on.

Sorry, but in this day-and-age, to have to send a message to
someone and request "please send this to the club," well, that's
just not very efficient and it damn sure isn't "communicating,"
which is what I thought that was all about.

I think usage of the club e-mail list, and the manner in which
the officers and others communicate with the club, needs to be
discussed at the next monthly club meeting.

> From: Herman Campbell <kn5grk at lusfiber.net>
>To: Patrick Soileau-home <Patrick.Soileau at yahoo.com> 
>Sent: Friday, November 8, 2013 3:50 PM
>Subject: Re: AARA News
>I thought I had explained this to you before, here it is again:
>The "AARAClubEmailList" is a separate e-mail list than mine.  It was set up by Roland Guidry NA5Q 
>for the website.  Anyone can sign up, member or non-member.  A
      user name (e-mail address) and a 
>password is required.
>My e-mail list is comprised of four folders:
>"Members"  This folder is paid up members on the club roster.
>"Ham Operators"  This folder is for ham radio operators (non-AARA Club Members) that want to be 
>included on my reflector.
>"AARAClubEmailList"  This folder is e-mail that goes to all that have signed up as mentioned above.
>"Board Members"  This folder is for those on our club board membership.
>When I want to send messages just concerning our club members, I
      use the "Members" folder.  This 
>does not include the "AARAClubEmailList".
>I hope this explains what is going on.
>On 11/8/2013 9:25 AM, Patrick Soileau-home wrote:
>>why isn't the club mailing list being used for this?
>>> From: Herman Campbell <kn5grk at lusfiber.net>
>>>Sent: Friday, November 8, 2013 7:59 AM
>>>Subject: AARA News
>>>This e-mail is sent to our AARA Membership only:
>>>At the November AARA General Meeting:
>>>Due to the absence of our AARA Club President, Archie
                Hill W5AG due to 
>>>other commitments, Vice President
>>>Jess Gillion KF5LUL conducted the meeting.
>>>                                  According to our AARA
                Club By-Laws
>>>Section 1. A nominating committee will be appointed by
                the President of 
>>>the association at the November
>>>membership meeting each year and will consist of two (2)
                members of the 
>>>Board of Directors and two (2)
>>>voting members in good standing from the general
                membership. The 
>>>president will designate the Chairperson.
>>>Carrying out the above By-Law, a nominating committee
                was selected. 
>>>Board Members Larry LeBlanc KE5KJD
>>>and Jess Gillion KF5LUL were appointed.  Members Paula
                Romero KF5CNS and 
>>>Galen Wilson KF5BET were
>>>appointed and Larry LeBlanc was appointed Nominating
                Committee Chairperson.
>>>Their job is to approach potential members to see if
                they will be 
>>>interested in holding offices for the year 2014-2015.
>>>Offices being: President, Vice President, Secretary,
                Treasurer and Board 
>>>Members.  We suggest that all members
>>>consider in taking part in our club by accepting
>>>To hold the 2014 AARA Hamfest March 14 & 15, was
                presented to 
>>>membership, it was decided by a unanimous vote to do so.
>>>Due to serious medical problems at this time, Rick
                Breaux N5RLM, stepped 
>>>down form his position as Pre-Registration
>>>and Table Manager, Galen Wilson KF5BET agreed to take
                over this 
>>>position.  Rick has been doing this for the
>>>last 12 years and really did a fantastic job in doing
                so.  He felt that 
>>>his medical problems might interfere with his
>>>conducting this job and did not want to change hands in
                the middle of 
>>>the job.
>>>Thanks to Galen for filling taking in this very
                important task.
>>>Glen Thibodeaux KF5FNP agreed to again be Hamfest
>>>We will need a lot of volunteers to help.
>>>We need to start getting the website updated ASAP and
                apply for ARRL 
>>>Louisiana Section Convention or Delta
>>>Division status.
>>>Cajun Cup 10K Run downtown Lafayette tomorrow at 7:00
>>>73, de Herman
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