[AARA] Silent Key Sale - Tentec Paragon with Modifications

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sat Oct 19 15:54:06 CDT 2013

*Tentec Paragon with Modifications*

My good friend Dave, K4ENL is now a silent key.  I am selling his
ham station for his widow.

Paragon - This radio was originally mine and I used this radio
to develop the firmware for Tentec for the Paragon II. The
radio is highly modified and is very close to a Paragon II
with some special functions added to it. This is a fantastic DX
radio.  It has a front panel receive only antenna button (the period key).
It also has full Icom CIV support so it will work with my N4PY Icom
software.  It has the Paragon II key labelling on it and full
Paragon II band registers.  Appearance and operation wise this
radio is a 10 out of 10.

I am selling this radio for $475
I also have the 3 optional filters for it.
They are as follows:
1.8 khz   $65
500 hertz $65
250 hertz $65
All 3 for $150.
For Paypal, please add 3%.

Shure 444 mic - This is wired for the Tentec 4 pin connection.
It is in perfect shape and is $75.

Shipping not included.  All these funds are for Dave's widow.


Carl Moreschi N4PY
58 Hogwood Rd
Louisburg, NC 27549

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