[AARA] AARA Monday Night Net Rotation Schedule

Patrick Soileau ND5C patrick at nd5c.net
Mon Oct 28 20:13:46 CDT 2013



I would like to suggest that we consider changing the method for 

scheduling therotation of the Monday night net among the repeaters.

The current schedule in the original e-mail uses a 1,2,3 "round robin"
type rotation.  We use repeater A this week.  Next week, we use
repeater B.  The week after, we use repeater C.  Then, we go back
to repeater A and so forth.

I'd like to suggest that we consider going to a "designated week
of the month" system.  On the first Monday of each month, we use
repeater A.  On the second Monday, we use repeater B.  Y'all get
the idea.
The advantage there is that calendars, and repeater schedulers,
can be programmed with reminders whereas these cannot be used
with the 1,2,3 rotation system presented in the original e-mail.

     W5DDL (146.82) - 2nd Monday of each month
     KF5VH (145.37) - 3rd Monday of each month
     W5EXI (147.04) - all other Mondays (1st, 4th, 5th)

Another advantage is that anyone can figure out what repeater 

will be used for the net on a particular night based upon the
example above just by looking at a calendar instead of trying to
find out where we are in the rotation.

Just food for thought.


Pat ND5C
(214) 850-6439 (cell)

> From: Herman Campbell <kn5grk at lusfiber.net>
>Sent: Monday, October 28, 2013 7:38 PM
>Subject: AARA Monday Night Net Rotation Schedule
>Mark W5GTI - Net Control Station for the Monday Night Net wanted this sent to all AARA Members.  Attached is a 
>Adobe Acrobat .PDF file of the following schedule.  Also, the
        calendar can be found at the following location and 
>will be updated each month.
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