[AARA] One ICOM R-75 AM, CW, SSB, RTTY receiver Working, Expanded, not modified.

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Pat Hamel W5THT

I need to sell my ICOM R-75 receiver serial 01505 with DSP, Synchronous AM
detection, stable local oscillator, two 250HZ CW filters (one in each IF).
manuals and original linear power supply.
The DSP unit was in it when I bought it.
ICOM factory units I added are:
CR-282 High Stability Crystal unit
When the stable oscillator was installed it was calibrated at an engineering
The original crystal is taped inside in case if you want to resell the
CR-282 stable oscillator.
FL-101 CW Narrow Filter 250HZ
FL-53A CW Narrow Filter 250HZ
If you price the cost of the added ICOM factory units, my price of $650.00
with double-boxed prepaid shipping (to the USA only) is realistic.
Local pickup is preferred, Lagniappe may be available with local pickup.

There is no known problem with this receiver. You can test it first if you
pick it up.
The manuals include the menu settings to customize it to your operating
It may require a couple hours reading if your interests are different from

The receiver has served me well on the 600 meter experimental band. It works
well all the way from 76KC to six meters.
It will hold a QRSS (Very Slow CW) or WSPR (Digital) signal with no
measurable drift over night.
The "record" output interfaces directly to a sound card for digital signals
such as WSPR and PSK.

The receiver had an audio problem in 2012 and was repaired at the ICOM
service center in Michigan.
There is a scuff in the paint visible on the case top over the tuning knob.
The paint has not been penetrated.
I will include a one-inch thick binder including the operations and service
manual and some" hints" from on-line.
Please email me for a set of pictures at w5tht at arrl.net.
Thank you
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