[AARA] FlexRadio Systems at Rayne Hamfest 2015

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sat Dec 13 06:35:18 CST 2014

*FlexRadio Systems* will be coming to our 55th AARA Hamfest on March 
20th and 21st, 2015 in Rayne, Louisiana.

Check out our website at:


Hope to see you all there.


Nick Pugh K5QXJ
Office 337 593 8700
Cell      337 258 2527

*Helping UL become a world Class Engineering  and Educational School*

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Issue: 7-14



A Word from our CEO -

*Dear Nick,*

Gerald Youngblood, K5SDR - President & CEO

As we approach the holiday season and a brand new year, the FlexRadio 
team would like to communicate our sincere appreciation for a great 
year. We are thankful for the support and encouragement so many of you 
provide our company.  We want to extend our warmest wishes to each of 
you and your families in this season.

This has been an eventful year for FlexRadio.  Over its course we 
released SmartSDR^(TM) v1.1, v1.2, v1.3 and are near completion of v1.4. 
Further, we announced and shipped the overwhelmingly successful 
FLEX-6300 transceiver at the Dayton Hamvention in May.  It has been a 
pleasure to hear from so many of you about how you enjoy your "FLEX."

Our software and alpha test teams are hard at work testing, tuning and 
refining SmartSDR v1.4, which is feature complete. As communicated in 
the last FlexInsider, we are placing a high priority on performance 
enhancement and stability in this release to provide the best user 
experience possible.  Steve's article below will provide more insight 
into this process.

We know that many of you are eagerly awaiting the new features in v1.4 
so we want to get it to you as soon as possible.  I find it humorous 
sometimes to read all the speculation on the FlexRadio Community about 
when v1.4 will come out, which makes me wonder if someone knows 
something I don't (hi hi).  I guess it's just fun to hypothesize. 
Seriously though, it's close but we won't ship until it's ready.

Happy holidays to you all and we look forward to exciting things in the 
new year and getting to see our owners at the upcoming 2015 hamfests.


Gerald, K5SDR

FLEX-6000 Engineering: An Update on SmartSDR^TM v1.4

by Steve Hicks, N5AC - VP, Engineering

I know everyone is anticipating the release of SmartSDR

v1.4.  The engineering team is still hard at work on SmartSDR v1.4 and 
focused on providing the best experience possible out of the gate for 
the new features we crafted.  I'd like to take a few minutes to remind 
you of these features and what we've done on each of them to give you a 
perspective on what they will do for you and how you might use them.

*FM: *SmartSDR v1.4 will be the first release of SmartSDR to incorporate 
FM.  The FM mode is an important feature for a radio, but just having 
the mode is not enough.  There are additional capabilities surrounding 
FM that are important for FM operators.  Here are some of the additional 
things we've done with FM to provide a complete set of capabilities: 
  First, let's look at the traditional FM mode, a 5kHz deviation FM that 
is commonly used on repeaters and simplex in the 10m band and up.  We 
have all the basics for this mode including CTCSS tone encoding and 
repeater offsets.  In addition, we've included a memory form to store 
commonly used frequencies along with their tone settings and repeater 
offset.  The memory form in SmartSDR is shown below:

There is also a column titled "Group" on the form that allows you to 
group frequencies by function -- for example "City Repeaters" or "MARS 
Channels."  The purpose of the Group name is twofold: first you will be 
able to organize your saved frequencies by group to quickly access 
frequencies of interest.  But you can also export and import by group 
name.  This allows one person to maintain a list of channels (FM or 
other) that can be updated for many users.  For example, your local MARS 
organization may periodically release a new set of frequencies with 
channel names.  When this happens, you can import that list, replacing 
the old list in your radio, but not changing any other groups in your 
list.  So you could have multiple people or organizations that maintain 
a list and you can import all of these as they are updated.

The second FM mode is Narrow FM which is identical to the "normal" FM 
mode except that it is 2.5 kHz deviation instead of 5 kHz.  Some 
organizations are using the lower deviation to be able to support more 
channels in a given bandwidth.  Finally, there is a new Digital FM (DFM) 
mode. The digital FM mode provides the same 5 kHz deviation, but removes 
the pre-emphasis and de-emphasis so that it may be used with digital 
modes such as 9600 baud packet radio.

In all FM modes, once the mode is selected the DSP control on the slice 
changes to an options panel (OPT) to change the FM options (pictured below):

>From upper right to lower left, the first drop down menu allows 
selection of CTCSS tone for transmit and then the tone value.  Next is 
the repeater offset for repeater operation.  Then the repeater controls 
that set the offset direction or simplex and a quick reverse button. 
  Finally the diversity control is available for FLEX-6700 users that 
want to operate FM with diversity.

*LAN Remote*: With LAN remote you will be able to control, receive and 
transmit your FLEX-6000 from another location on your local network. 
  Notice the REMOTE button now present to the left of the speaker and 
headphone volume controls in the image below.  When this button is 
pressed, all audio is sent to your local PC for listening.

Notice that we have also added a separate Tune Power slider below the RF 
power slider.  The Tune Power is the output power level when the TUNE 
button is pressed.  This level can be different by band and so it was 
sometimes difficult to know where the level was set until TUNE was 
pressed.  Now you can see the level and adjust it before tuning.

In addition, you can enable your PC microphone (if one is present) as 
the microphone should you decide to transmit voice from the PC by 
selecting your PC in the microphone drop-down list as shown below:

In addition to these features, we have the

*FreeDV/CODEC2*digital voice mode (for more background on this mode, you 
can visit this link:

the *Waveform API* and an improved *DAX Control Panel*.  Each of these 
features was covered in detail in the last FlexInsider.

LAN remote has required more effort than we originally estimated.  We 
ended up working on several key systems and streamlining them (software 
engineers call this "refactoring") to ensure the best quality of audio 
through the remote LAN.   We were hoping to be able to release v1.4 
before the end of the year and we continue to see this requested -- we 
would love to be able to do it.  From where I sit now, I can say that we 
have done most of the refactoring work and are poised to finish up this 
work and start testing in earnest this next week, but I don't believe we 
will get enough testing time to ensure that the code is stable enough to 
release before the end of the year.  We are currently targeting January 
30th for the release and feel confident we will hit this deadline. 
  Trust me, we're all disappointed that this is the answer and we're 
working to get you a great v1.4 as soon as we can.  Our unchanged goal 
is to deliver you the best radio equipment and software available and 
sometimes this takes more time than we originally forecasted.



FlexRadio Holiday News

by Greg Jurrens, K5GJ - VP, Sales & Bus Dev

Happy Holidays from the FlexRadio team!  It's been a great year and we 
sincerely appreciate having customers like you as part of our FlexRadio 
family.  The elves here at Santa's Austin workshop have been busy 
building FlexRadio toys to fulfill your holiday wish list!.

I want to tell you about a great last minute opportunity plus share some 
important holiday dates and deadlines:


To help you with your last minute shopping, we're running a last minute 
Holiday Sale on selected FlexRadio products. Here are the deals:

  * *FLEX-1500: $649.00 (Regularly $699.00)*
  * *Free FlexControl (valued at $99) with the purchase of a FLEX-6500
    or FLEX-6300*
  * *Free GPSDO (valued at $699) with the purchase of a FLEX-6700*


  * *Free UPS Ground shipping offered on all orders over $99*. *

Follow the links or give us a call to get your new toy on the way! 
  Already own the best FlexRadio on the planet?  Well... Spread some 
holiday cheer and let your friends know about the great specials from 
FlexRadio.  Thank you for helping us grow the FlexRadio family!

Below are the estimated last order dates for all orders by shipping 
method to ensure delivery by December 24.  Note, these apply for US 
deliveries.  Please consult with your local distributor for 
International shipping.

*_UPS _*

  * Ground: Place order by Monday 12/15 for delivery by 12/24
  * 3-day: Place order by Wednesday 12/17
  * 2-day: Place order by Thursday 12/18
  * Next Day: Place order by Monday 12/22


  * Ground: Place order by Monday 12/15
  * Express Saver: Place order by Wednesday 12/17
  * 2-day: Place order by Thursday 12/18
  * Overnight: Place order by Friday 12/19


  * Priority Mail: Place order by Wednesday 12/17
  * Express Mail: Place order by Friday 12/19
  * Priority Mail International: Not recommended for delivery by 12/24
  * Express Mail International: Place order by Tuesday 12/16

So hurry or you might get coal in your stocking!

Here's the FINE Print:

*Only applies to delivery within the contiguous 48 United States

Order delivery time varies by location and does not account for 
unforeseen carrier delays. Ground shipping with delivery by December 24 
is only conditionally guaranteed if order is placed by December 15, 2014 
while supplies last.

We hope you have a great holiday season and great propagation at your QTH.


- Greg


*In This Issue *

*Engineering Update: An Update on SmartSDR v1.4 

*FlexRadio Holiday News 

*Upcoming Events*

January 23-25, 2015
Puerto Rico Convention
Hatillo, PR

January 10

Ham Radio Fiesta

San Antonio, TX

February 13-15


Orlando, FL

February 20-22

Yuma Hamfest

Yuma, AZ

March 13-15
Acadiana Hamfest
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March 28
Greater Houston Hamfest
Rosenberg, TX

March 28
Ham-EX 2015
Brampton Fall Fairgrounds

FlexRadio Systems
4616 W. Howard Lane, Ste. 1-150
Austin, TX 78728
512-535-4713(main), 512-233-5143 (fax)

/ sales at flexradio.com <mailto:sales at flexradio.com>

Copyright 2014. FlexRadio Systems is a registered trademark and SmartSDR 
is a trademark of FlexRadio Systems. All Rights Reserved. Information 
contained in this newsletter is the
sole property of FlexRadio Systems and may not be distributed or posted 
without the express permission of FlexRadio Systems.


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