[AARA] QSL cards for W1AW portable operations....

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Subject: [LCC] QSL cards for W1AW portable operations....

Hello to everyone....I got a real QSL card from a DL ham for a 2M EME
contact made from W1AW/5.  He did not have any idea where to send it, so he
sent it to me since he knew that I was the operator at W1AW/5(NR5M) at the
time.  I had to write an email to ARRL to find out the correct mailing
address....I looked for several minutes on the ARRL web site and could not
find anything useful.

Here is the address:

W1AW Ops
225 Main St.
Newington, CT 06111

I asked the ARRL contact to make sure that the correct mailing address was
easily available on the web site....out where anyone could find it.  Maybe
they will do this so that others will not have to jump through hoops to
figure out where to send the cards.

If you have regional reflectors in your area, you might post this address to
them, so that others will know where to send their cards.....

73 es GL....Marshall K5QE
Op at W1AW/5

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