[AARA] Delta Update December 2013

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Wed Jan 1 06:58:50 CST 2014

This is from our Delta Division Director - David Norris K5UZ.... Thought I
might pass it along to those who may not get his e-mails.....interesting

           Greetings Delta Division Members and Amateurs,
The holidays are winding down with Thanksgiving, Hanukah and Christmas
now behind us a new year dawning at midnight.  With that in mind, Vice
Director Hudgens and I want to wish each of you a very happy and
prosperous new year in 2014.  2013 has had its share of ups and downs
with the sad loss of many of our old friends but we are all thankful to
still be here and new amateurs are filling in the ranks.  That being
said, we need to be thinking about attracting new amateurs in to the
fold.  This was a topic of discussion and concern at the ARRL Forum at
the Minden (LA) Hamfest.  It is our hope that 2014 is going to be a
great year for the Delta Division with some new events and programs to
go with this special year.

I do want to thank the folks at the Minden Hamfest for the great
hospitality shown to the ARRL.  I also want to thank Assistant
"Everything" (Director and Vice Director) Gary K5GLS for all he
does in the area and for his input at the ARRL Forum.  We all had a
great opportunity to visit with our New Louisiana Section Manager-Elect
Jim Molan, KD5IGG as he shared his ideas and plans for Louisiana
starting April 1, 2014.  Jim has some great ideas and we look forward
to working with him and the LA Section Staff for the betterment of
amateur radio and the ARRL in 2014 and subsequent years.

Speaking of the New Year, 2014 is the ARRL's 100th Anniversary and
our Centennial Celebration is firing up!  Starting tonight at 00:00Z
the ARRL Centennial QSO fires up as well as other event.  Also,
December 31 into January 1 is ARRL Straight Key Night so plug up your
old J 36, J 37, or other favorite old friend and literally pound some

                           *ARRL Centennial QSO Party!*

The ARRL Centennial QSO Party is a year-long operating event that
celebrates hams making contacts. In the end you will have accumulated
points, worked new stations and made new friends all over the world.

The Centennial QSO Party is made-up of two main activities: (1) W1AW
operating portable in each state and most territories; and (2) The
Centennial Points Challenge which is the accumulation of points from
qualifying contacts made throughout 2014.  To have a score listed
online in the Points Challenge competition, logs must be submitted
through the  Logbook of the World (LoTW) system.

W1AW will be on the air from every state and most territories, and it
will be easy to work WAS working only W1AW portable operations. This is
the first ARRL-sponsored operating event where every member is worth at
least one point, so work as many points as you can during 2014! Earn
awards based upon points, working all states or working W1AW portable
in every state and territory. This is an on-the-air event like no

Operating Period
(0000Z, 1 January, 2014 - 2359Z, 31 December, 2014) W1AW will operate
portable from each state and many territories throughout the year. Each
state will be activated twice so that if you miss one operation, you can
pick-up the next.

Everyone may participate. Only ARRL members and appointees/elected
officials/staff/W1AW are worth points. See the QSO Points Table for a
complete list of QSO values.

Bands & Modes
To count for points, all QSOs must be two-way (no cross-band or
cross-mode), using any of the modes CW, Phone (FM, SSB, AM, digital
voice), or Digital (any digital mode, i.e. PSK31, RTTY). You are
encouraged to work stations on each mode, but you may not work someone
on three modes on the same frequency.  Please see the chart at
http://www.arrl.org/centennial-qso-party     for the required

QSO Information Exchange
Many stations will try to keep their QSOs short and at a minimum the
exchange is signal report and ARRL abbreviation (See Centennial QSO
Points Table). QSOs do not have to be contest style and it isn't
necessary to exchange the ARRL organizational information. There is a
Centennial database that will be used to assign point values to logs
submitted electronically. For those who do not use electronic
submission, they will need to obtain the QSO information from their
contacts. This event is not a contest, so feel free to make contacts in
any way you like. If you are the station looking for QSOs, try to
operate with the same style as the station you contact.

All awards may be obtained by anyone who qualifies.  There will be
application forms that may be printed-out, filled-in and mailed to HQ,
and there will be online application forms.

.	Worked all States with W1AW: Work each of the 50 states with QSOs
with W1AW operating portable.  W1AW/7 in Arizona counts for Arizona;
W1AW/2 in New Jersey counts for New Jersey, etc.  W1ØØAW in
Connecticut does NOT count for Connecticut. Connecticut credit is given
only for working W1AW/1 in Connecticut.  A W1AW WAS certificate and
plaque are available for in the US and outside the US (Pricing coming

.	For an extra challenge, work each of the 100 W1AW portable
operations -- essentially a double WAS with W1AW!

.	Endorse the W1AW WAS Certificate with the Territorial Stickers for
working W1AW/KH2, W1AW/KP4, W1AW/KP2, and any others that may be
active, and also endorse with W1AW/3 from the District of Columbia.
Stickers are $1 each.

.	See the next section for the awards available for the Centennial
Points Challenge.

*                           Centennial Points Challenge*

The Centennial Points Challenge is the accumulation of points from
qualifying QSOs made throughout 2014.  Anyone may apply for the Points
Awards but if logs do not go through LoTW, scores will not be

In order to compete in the Centennial Points Challenge, logs must be
submitted through Logbook of the World (LoTW). Logs do not need to be
changed from the normal Cabrillo (contest logs) or ADIF (general
logging file) files. The system will automatically look for
points-qualifying QSOs from submitted logs and apply them to each
participant's Centennial QSO Points table. QSOs do not have to be
matched in LoTW for points to be achieved -- this is an honor-based
QSO Party. We cannot accept any paper forms or information for the
Centennial Points Challenge.

The Centennial QSO Points Challenge is scored by totaling the values of
all the eligible QSOs completed. Eligible QSOs may be made with the same
station on each band mode -- i.e., N6VI may be worked for points on 20
Meters CW, 20 meters SSB, and 20 Meters digital, and the same on bands
where multiple modes are used. Essentially each different station may
be worked on each of the mode groups on each band with the exception of
903 MHz and higher, and the satellites.  There are no multipliers or
bonus points. See the Centennial QSO Points Table for the complete list
of QSO values. Logs submitted through the Logbook of the World will be
scored automatically and will also be entered into the Centennial
Points Challenge with online scores posted.  You may still apply for
Points Challenge Awards if you do not use LoTW, but your scores will
not be published.  Application forms will be available online and for

.	Repeater contacts are not valid for credit.

.	Mobile and portable operations are OK, but do not count for points
in addition to home operation unless the operation takes place from
another DXCC entity ; i.e., one QSO with KØGW counts for KØGW,
whether it is made with KØGW/4, or KØGW/m.   PJ4/KØGW counts for
points separately as this operation was from the DXCC entity of

.	Stations outside of the USA may also count for points -- there are
over 10,000 members outside the USA! Some members outside USA are also
VEs and Card Checkers.

.	ARRL appointees/staff/officers should choose for their QSO exchange
the appointment or office held that is the highest point value (this is
how the database will work also).  E.g. KI9XX is an ARRL Life Member
(LM is worth 2 points), a Volunteer Examiner (VE is worth 5 points) and
a State Government Liaison (SGL is worth 30 points), therefore if he
wants to send the appointment information as part of a QSO he should
use SGL as that is the highest point value.  Regardless of what
designation is chosen for use, the database at HQ will give credit for
the proper point value.  An individual call sign is only worth the
highest point value position/appointment -- If someone is an ARRL
Volunteer Examiner (5 points), an Emergency Coordinator (12 points) and
a Volunteer Counsel (15 points), that person's QSOs are worth 15 points
-- the positional values do not add together.

The Top Scorer from each ARRL Section, Canadian Province and DXCC
entity will receive a First Place certificate. The Top five overall
point scorers will receive awards.

.	Centennial QSO Party certificates are available for making QSOs
with point-level achievements at four levels. These certificates are
endorsable every 500 points. Plaques are available for Third and Top
Levels. Point breaks for each level will be determined at a later date.
These awards may be applied for online or via a paper application.
o	xxxx points = First Level Award Certificate
o	xxxx points = Second Level Award Certificate
o	xxxx points = Third Level Award Certificate
o	xxxx points = Top Level Award Certificate

.	Awards are offered for completing QSOs and compiling points during
the Centennial QSO Party. Awards applications may be made online or by
completing paper forms and submitting them to ARRL HQ. USA certificate
o	Each award certificate costs $15.00 (including postage) in the U.S.A
o	Two certificates ordered at the same time costs $27 (including
o	Three certificates ordered at the same time costs $39 (including
o	Four certificates ordered at the same time costs $51 (including

.	Outside the USA certificate prices:
o	One certificate costs $20.00 (including postage) outside the USA
o	Two certificates ordered at the same time cost $36.00 (including
o	Three certificates ordered at the same time costs $52.00 (including
o	Four certificates ordered at the same time costs $68.00 (including


QSL cards from W1ØØAW and W1AW operating portable will be sent
automatically via the QSL Bureau system to each U.S.A. station who
signs-up online to receive such cards [this form is not ready yet --
please watch for an announcement].  This is a one-time only use of the
QSL Bureau for this purpose. QSLs will automatically be sent to
stations outside the U.S.A. via the QSL Bureau as normal.  QSLs may be
requested directly also, with an SASE required for return.
For more information and the Centennial QSO Party Station Points Table
go to the ARRL website at this page:

This event should be a blast and I will do an update on the W1AW/4 and
W1AW/5 stations on the air from Delta Division later in the week.

*                      Straight Key Night!   CQ SKN!
New Year's Eve certainly doesn't have the reputation for being
quiet, so why should the amateur, especially the CW bands be any
different?   It is time to get out our own noise makers in the form of
the trusty old straight key and make a little rack both inside and
outside the shack upon the lower portions of the bands!  This 24-hour
event is not a contest; rather it is a day dedicated to celebrating our
CW heritage. Participants are encouraged to get on the air and simply
make enjoyable, conversational CW QSOs. The use of straight keys or
bugs to send CW is preferred. There are no points scored and all who
participate are winners. The "contest" period is January 1 from
0000 Z through 2359 Z.  Amateurs may utilize all authorized Amateur
frequencies; however activity has traditionally been centered on the HF
bands.  QRS is welcome at SKN so you slower ops can jump in and work at
your speed.

SKN is also a great time to set up that old vintage station and go QRV
with some classic rigs.  Many collectors take time to do this very
thing and some interesting vintage gear makes its way upon the airwaves
for this event.  Additionally, this is a perfect time to fire up the QRP
station and see what you can do on low Watts or even micro Watts!

When participating in SKN instead of sending RST before sending the
signal report send the letters SKN, to indicate your participation, and
to clue in passers-by who may be listening that SKN is going strong.
After SKN, send the Contest Branch a list of stations worked, plus your
vote for the best fist you heard (it doesn't have to be one you
worked).  Also, include your vote for the most interesting QSO you had
or monitored.

Don't forget to post your comments and interesting photographs from
your SKN adventure to the ARRL Contest Online Soapbox. Entries should
be emailed to the Contest Branch atStraightKey at arrl.org  or may be sent
via regular mail to SKN, ARRL, 225 Main St, Newington, CT 06111. The
Soapbox becomes an online album of stores and photographs to share with
others.  Entries for Straight Key Night must be received by January 31.
Votes for 'Best Fist' and "Most Interesting QSO" will be
tabulated and included in the results.  I look forward to working some
of you on the air and hear some unique fists and perhaps some "Lake
Erie Swing" from the bugs.

*                 January ARRL Board Meeting Cometh!!*

On January the 15th Vice Director Hudgens and I will be travelling to
ARRL HQ in Newington, CT for the ARRL Board of Directors Annual
Meeting.  We will be at W1AW for the Programs and Services Committee
(PSC) Meeting Thursday with a filling agenda, and of course the board
meeting.  If there is any particular concern or item you would like
addressed, either through the PSC or the full Board, please feel free
to contact vice Director Hudgens or myself via email or telephone.
We're here to represent you and we always welcome your input,
thoughts and ideas!

*                    Mississippi State Convention 2014!
Has it been a year already?  With great pleasure I announce the 2014
ARRL Mississippi State Convention Hosted by the Capitol City Hamfest in
Jackson, MS.  W5XX will be hosting the ARRL Forum with Vice Director
Hudgens and I.  Our special guest from HQ is Mike Corey, KI1U (ex
W5MPC). Mike is the ARRL Emergency Preparedness Manager. Before Mike
joined ARRL HQ staff he worked in law enforcement in Indiana and
Mississippi. He has served as an emergency management volunteer,
disaster response volunteer, reserve police officer, and on emergency
operations center staff.

Additionally, Mike is a public safety training instructor in
Mississippi and the former ARRL Emergency Coordinator for Lafayette
County, MS.

This year's event will be held in its usual venue at the Jackson MS
Trademart at the Mississippi State Fairgrounds - 1207 Mississippi
Street, Jackson, MS  The event runs two days Friday January 24th 5:00PM
- 8:00PM  and again Saturday January 25th 8:00AM - 4:00PM.  This is one
of the best hamfests in the region and well worth attending!

*                     Delta Division Convention 2014!*  

As stated in the last Update, this year is Louisiana's turn to host
the ARRL Delta Division Convention at the 54th Annual AARA Hamfest in
Rayne, LA March 13 and 14th with many great events scheduled for both
Friday and Saturday; furthermore a Wouff Hong Ceremony is not outside
the realm of possibilites.  The Acadiana Amateur Radio Association is
sponsoring the event at the Rayne Civic Center as in the past years.
The facility is located at 300 Frog Festival Drive, Rayne LA 70578.
Take I-10 Exit 87 South. Stay on LA 35 South to first traffic light.
Turn right onto Oak Street. Go to the second street and take a right
onto Gossen Memorial Dr. Follow the street to the Rayne Civic Center.
This too is one of the best hamfests in the region, QRX fo further
details and it should prove to be a fun weekend in "Frog City"!
Bon ton Roulle!

*                                Upcoming Events:*  

L.A.R.C's 22nd Annual Hamfest*
Date: 01/04/2014
Location: Walter State CC EXPO CENTER
1615 Pavillion Drive
White Pine, TN 37890
Sponsor: Lakeway Amateur Radio Club
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Talk-In: 147.030 (no PL tone)
Public Contact: Gloria A Pritikin , KJ4BHF
1564 Hollow Springs Road PO Box 156 White Pine, TN 37890
Phone: 865-674-7884
Email:GAPritikin4128 at aol.com

*Hammond Hamfest*  
Date: 01/18/2014
Location: Magnuson Grand Hotel & Conference Center
2000 South Morrison Blvd.
Hammond, LA 70401
Sponsor: Southeast Louisiana ARC (SELARC)
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Talk-In: 147.000 -600 (PL 107.2)
Public Contact: James Valega , WB5LSH
PO Box 1804 Hammond, LA 70404
Phone: 985-687-3456
Email:wb5lsh at arrl.net

Mississippi State Convention (Capital City Hamfest)*  
Date: 01/24/2014
Location: Mississippi Trade Mart
1200 Mississippi Street
Jackson, MS 39201
Sponsor: Jackson Amateur Radio Club
Type: ARRL Convention
Talk-In: 146.760 (no PL tone)
Public Contact: Gary Young , K5GCY
5354 Brookhollow Drive Jackson, MS 39212
Phone: 601-260-8214
Email:k5gcy at att.net

Until next time, we wish you a happy New Year in 2014!

73 ES DX = HNY


ARRL Delta Division
Director: David A Norris, K5UZ
k5uz at arrl.org

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