[AARA] Betty Whitecotton W5PUP (SK) Estate Sale

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Fri Jan 3 18:37:51 CST 2014

*W5PUP Radio Equipment*


*MFJ 259b Antenna Analyzer (excellent shape manual and box)$175.00*


*MFJ 945E Mobile Tuner 300 watt(no manual)$90.00*


*Ameritron AWM-30 Cross needle 3000 watt meter*

*No manual nice shape $75.00*


*Kenwood TH-K2 HT with manual BT-14 and PG-3J*

*and wall charger. Original packing box. $100.00*


*Yaesu MD100A8X Mic. Good shape and works great.*

*The swivel holder has been broken but repaired*

*and works fine. $80.00*


*Kenwood TM-261 a little dirty but seems to work fine.*

*Has mike, power cable and mobile bracket. $80.00*


*Kenwood TM-271A New unused radio in the box.*

*This radio is in the original box and never hooked up*

*except me hooking it up to check to see if it worked.*

*All manuals and hardware in the box. All in *

*original packing. Rig is not in production now*

*but has high ratings on e-ham.$125.00*


*Mobile amp with 2 2879 transistors capable at least*

*300 watt may be more. I checked it out on 80-15 meters*

*and worked good with low drive. It works on 10 meters but at a reduced 
power. Might not have 10 meter mod.*

*No manual. $300.00*


*VERY Heavy duty 12 volt power supply. It says 60 amp on the bottom but 
that is probably continuous output. It is built like*

*a tank. I know who built it but not sure if it is legal for me to list 
his name here but you know who if you live in this area. Shipping will 
be expensive but if you want it send me*

*your address and I will estimate shipping for you. *



*Icom IC706 MK IIG. The radio is not here yet. I have sent it out*

*to an Icom service center for complete repair and refurb.*

*I will list it when it gets back with a price.*


*There are a few more items that I have not picked up*

*so the list will be added to and edited as we go.*


*This equipment belongs to Betty's family. I am not selling this*

*for any profit for me. It all goes to them. With that said I*

*will take offers and get with them.*


*My name is Monty Gore. My call is KA5YSM.*

*You can e-mail me at:
  mgore2 at yahoo.com*


*These prices do not include shipping but shipping will be*

*estimated as close as possible.*


*73 and Happy New Year*
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