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N4GG Shack Clean-out
It's taken years to get around to starting this.  Here is round #1 of the N4GG shack clean-out.  If you want any of these items, I will be at the Atlanta Hamfest next Saturday which is a good place to             hand-off.  Everyone is always welcome up here at Woodstock as well.  Anything not sold to club members will go to eHam next week at higher prices.....

MFJ-731 Tunable RF Filter 1-30 MHz.  These are often used between MFJ antenna analyzers and large antennas to keep broadcast and other signals from             giving distorted readings or no reading at all.  MFJ new price $100.  This one is new in the box, complete with instructions.  Never used.  $50.

MFJ-854 Clip on RF current meter.  These are great for getting the current in radials equalized and for hunting down RFI and stray RF paths.  MFJ new             price:  $80.  This one is new in the box with instructions, never used.  $40.

MFJ-259 Antenna Analyzer.  Note             this is not the 259B, a more capable box.  Meanwhile the 259 is a very useful tool for tuning up antennas.  These sold for $260 from MFJ and now go for $120-$175 on eBay.  This one works great but is in rough shape.  The case and display have obvious scratches.  You will need 4 AA batteries to run it in the field - it comes with an AC power adapter for use in the shack.  The adapter will also charge internal NiCads which is how I always used it.  With the original manual and box.     Covers 1.8 to 170 MHz.  If you have no analyzer, this will get you started.  $50.

Ameco PLF-2 preamp.  These are             great for that low noise low band antenna you are thinking of putting up.  K9AY loop, etc.  Covers 1.8 to 54 MHz.  This one is clean and used for many years.  I have made a few simple mods:  Internal RF routing is now via coax - it was just bare wire.  An RF choke has been added to the AC line.  Works great.  $25.

Drake MN75 Antenna Tuner - like new with original manual.  These are highly sought after and bring $125 and up on eBay.  Handles 300W - people always ran them higher (you are on your own).  4 position antenna switching, built in accurate power meter and SWR bridge rated to match 5:1 SWR.  Built like a tank.  $75.

Drake WH7 Wattmeter.  Power meter and SWR bridge - like new with original manual.  These run $130-$140 on eBay.  $70.

Drop me an email or give me a call:  770-924-4571.

halken at comcast.net
Hal N4GG

  Icom IC 756 PROIII Station For Sale

Icom IC 756 PROIII Station Includes the radio, SP23 Speaker with filtering, PS126 power supply, and SM 50 microphone.
Asking $2000 plus shipping or local pickup. Radio looks and works great.  Sorry for the poor pictures.  Email if you would like more pictures.
Carlos KB5YEG
kb5yeg at nelabroadcast.com
318 366 0233

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