[AARA] 3-500 Z Tubes Wanted

Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Mon Aug 24 09:13:07 CDT 2015

Many thanks for sending out my original plea Herman and thanks to all 
who responded.  Craig Parsley,  KI5VO has repaired my TL 922 amp and he 
did it quickly and most reasonably. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM. He not only 
repairs amps but he also makes transformers. A lost ART! He's a great 
guy and fun to hang out with.

Now I'm looking for 3-500 z tubes that are in good enough SHAPE to use. 
New ones are very expensive. I have one in the rig that still works and 
thought I had a replacement but turns out it was a bad tube that I 
purchased a while back. If someone can help please email or call me. You 
never know what's hanging around. Would be nice to be heard again on the 
Hurricane net that I call every Tuesday as well as the other public 
service nets that I participate in. Thanks to all.

Mike Doyle
504 390-0045
n5dal at yahoo.com
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