[AARA] Ham Equipment for Sale

Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Tue Dec 1 19:59:52 CST 2015


Collins 32S1 Transmitter, 516F2, Along with interconnects, Astatic D104, 
Midland Hand Mike, 32S1 Manual, 516f2 Manual for sale.  Would like to 
sell as acomplete package.  The 516F2 is NEW.  All new Transformer and 
Chokes by Harbour along with solid state parts.
Please email for pics of all.
Thanks, Gerald

Gerald Ognibene
gwognibene at cox.net


I have a Tri-Ex MW-51 jack-up tower (new cable and pulleys) with a
tilt-over base complete with a
New Yaesu G-450A Rotator, cable, & Controller, and Moseley MP-34N WARC Beam
(10,12,15,17,& 20 M).  Rotatable Dipole
On 12 and 17M.  I thought I would be working the upper bands over the last
couple of years but I haven't.  Been
on the upper Bands about 2 hours in the last 2 years.

I would sell all for $1000.00, provided the buyer loads and transports

Paul D. Scallan, Sr.

Senior Eng. Specialist (Ret.)
311 So. Philo Drive
Lafayette, LA 70506
Tel: (337)278-8323
E-MaIl:pscallan at bellsouth.net


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