[AARA] Ham Equipment - Latest Price Reduction

Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Wed Jan 21 06:36:04 CST 2015

This is the second reduction in price and the lowest I’ll go.

I need some money to pay for what I’ve bought.

Bought a Ameritron AL-82 and MFJ- 989 Tuner.

1.  Ameritron AL-800, with Eimac 3CX-800A7, 10 condition for $1,100

2. MFJ-962D, Versa III Tuner for $150

3. Diamond SX-100 SWR/Wattmeter for $25

If they don’t sell, I’ll bring to the Ham Fest in March.

Paul D. Scallan, Sr.

Senior Eng. Specialist (Ret.)


311 So. Philo Drive

Lafayette, LA 70506

Tel: (337)278-8323

E-MaIl: pscallan at bellsouth.net

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