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Would someone please publish a list ofthe assets which the club has availablefor use by the members?
Pat ND5C

      From: Herman Campbell <Kn5grk at lusfiber.net>
 Sent: Saturday, July 4, 2015 8:36 PM
 Subject: Club Inventory............Procedure Change
To AARA members,

As most of you know, the current officers have been working to accurize the club's asset Inventory.
Through a lot of footwork, that inventory is virtually complete.

To avoid many of the obstacles that have occurred during this inventory the AARA has established a procedure in effect from this day forth, until deemed otherwise, regarding the access and use of club equipment by members.

The policy of club assets being available to club members has NOT changed.  All members have access to club inventory for club activities, activities not associated with the AARA, but amateur radio related in the community, or emergency.  The PROCESS by which a member can access that equipment has changed.

If you require a club asset, you must contact an AARA Board Member with your request.  Please include "why, time of use, and location of use"  That Board member will seek input from the remaining Board members.  Once a Quorum of consent is reached, you will be "authorized" to retrieve the asset you request and the club member with DIRECT access will also be notified.  You will only be allowed to access the equipment with AARA Board consent, members with DIRECT access will not allow retrieval without this consent.  Minimal notification or lack of communication caused many of the inventory issues.  This is designed to eliminate those issues.

We, the AARA Board will make this as smooth as possible.  This will help us maintain an accurate inventory and account for EVERY asset at all times, and ensure that all assets are available when needed.  Your cooperation is GREATLY appreciated.


AARA President

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