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Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Mon Jun 15 18:36:11 CDT 2015

I have several items for sale:

J W MILLER Model AT 2500 Auto Tuner.
This is the top of the line Auto tuner.  When introduced in the early 
1980's it retailed for $3200.  There are several forums and videos of 
this tuner.  Google the tuner and enjoy.  I have three of them one used 
for an unknown period of time and in use by me for several years, one 
new when I opened the box and used in my station to tune a 80M loop on 
all bands and one new unopened in a box.  All the ones opened work.  I 
can presume the unopened one does as well.

The tuner is 80M thru 10M and the manual says its power handling is 
greater than 2500 watts.  I never challenged this.  It has 4 antenna 
inputs for selection of any connected antenna and a whole unit bypass 
which I found handy.  It has controls that can connect to the control 
line of the linear so that when tuning it disables the amplifier.  This 
is not a relay and toroid tuner, this uses a tapped inductor and two 
motorized large variable capacitors. Google AT 2500 tuner and you can 
see one in operation.
I will sell these:
The unknown unit $750.00
The known unit used by me:  $800.00
The new in the box unit, unopened:  $1200.00

Elecraft K2/ 100 and the auto tuner.
You may have seen this unit at the Baton Rouge club's Field day or on 
the Grand Isle IOTA adventures.  The K2 started out life as the 10 watt 
version.  I added the 100 watt amplifier arrangement to it and built the 
auto tuner.

Look it up:  It has the following features:
K2 transceiver with the KPA 100: 100 watt amplifier
KSB2 SSB Option
K160RX 160 M option
KX60XV 60M and the transverter interface
KDSP2 Advanced DSP filter and clock
FDIMP main tuning finger dimple (really handy).
KIO2 RS 232 Serial interface:  Used for computer logging and CW 
generation by computer.
There is no more room in the box for anything else.  If you want 6 
meters, it will accept a transverter.

The tuner has the following:
KAT100-2 ATU kit
EC2 Project enclosure.  This is a box, the same size of the K2

Each box has a 3 inch tilt stand so that they can be at the same level 
when side by side.  The units will stack.  You can go to the Elecraft 
site and review the performance of the K2.  It is a really amazing 
little radio. The cables and mic are included.

The cost of the kits is $2121.00.  The labor is not measurable,  the 
pleasure using it is immense.

All of thus for $1250.00

Heathkit SB 220 Amplifier
This is the big Heathkit amplifier, 80M thru 10 M.  It is advertised as 
a 2 KW (peak) SSB unit, but used it around 600 to 800 watts CW 
generally.  Puts out a CW 1000 watts on 80 M.  Original Eimac tubes.

Has the following:
Professional looking and operating Standby switch.  This is very handy 
and deletes the need to turn the unit off during standby.
The Rick Measures Parasitic Suppressor
Harbach Soft Start module
New Meter/ diode board from Harbach
New Harbach quiet fan and motor
New electrolytic capacitors in the High Voltage section.

Presently set up for 240 AC input.  The unit is clean and fully working.

Cost:  $700.00

Cushcraft XM 240 2 Element 40 Meter Yagi Beam
This is the Big thunder beam.  You can look it up.  I purchased it used 
to modify it into a 2 element Moxon beam.  This is a big beam, 22 ft 
boom and the turning radius of 24 ft.

It is all apart with all stainless hardware in a bundle.

Cost $650.00

Please review and ask questions.  I get to Baton Rouge regularly.  Live 
in Covington, so New Orleans is easy.  I plan to go to the Slidell 
hamfest and can deliver there as well.

You can contact me vial email, David.w5xu at gmail.com 
<mailto:David.w5xu at gmail.com> or by phone 985 249 5835.  Questions, ask.


David Assaf, III
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