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Pat Soileau-ND5C ND5C at W5DDL.org
Thu Jun 18 08:38:33 CDT 2015

There are several issues here which I'd like to address.

1. "my reflector"Club business should be discussed using the club's e-mail list, period.
The availability of an archive of e-mail messages is just one of themany benefits of using an e-mail list service such as QTH.net offers.

2. the e-mail addresses for ND5C are all aliases which I have used atvarious times due to a variety of circumstances.  In order to preventany confusion, I've updated the e-mail address on the club e-mail list to agree with the one which I gave when I joined, Pat at ND5C.net.  Thisis the one which should be used by anyone to contact me regarding hamradio-related activities.  I apologize for any confusion which might have taken place.  In the future, I'll endeavor to use just this one.

3. the questions about net attendance, membership, etc were justrhetorical in nature, designed to illustrate a point and not anactual request for information... but thank you for your assistance.
By the way, just an FYI, we have 99 members, of which 94 have listed an e-mail address (according to the current club membership roster on the website).  According to the LARC, in April (the latest month forwhich data is listed), the club net had four sessions with 59 totalcheck-ins for an average of about 15 per net.

4. I noticed that my callsign is in error on the club membershiproster and have already sent an e-mail earlier this morning to requestthat it be corrected.  

5. ARRL Field Day interview - if no one responded to a mass appeal, 
then perhaps the Public Information Officer (or the President), 
should get on the phone and try to recruit someone by making a personal appeal (or volunteer to do the interview themselves).  
One of the biggest problems many non-profit organizations face isgetting exposure in the media in order to get their message out.  
We have a gentleman from the media who has made at least two e-mailattempts to secure our cooperation without success.  I must admitthat I am a bit disappointed and concerned at the apparent lack ofinterest by the club leadership in general regarding the interestwhich has been shown by this representative of the media.  In mynot-so-humble-opinion, this should be a higher priority item andshould have resulted in an interview within just a few days.

Thank you for your time!
Pat ND5C(214) 850-6439 (cell)(337) 482-0052 (work)

      From: Herman Campbell <Kn5grk at lusfiber.net>
 To: ND5C at W5DDL.org 
 Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2015 7:45 AM
 Subject: Fwd: Re: [AARA] Field Day interview
 Pat, this email was sent out to all the club members via my reflector.  

Your email address shown on the club roster is:
| pat at ND5C.net |

 Is this your email address? I notice that you're using: ND5C at W5DDL.org

 The email address I have for you is:  patrick at nd5c.net

 Which ones should I use?
 If you would go to the club website and click on the member list you would 
see how many members are in the club, how many have emails, and all 
their other information. 

I also notice on the website that they have your call listed as WD5C. 

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Perhaps the two meter nets are not the most 
effective way of communicating with the club
members in general?  

How many members does the club have?

How many club members have e-mail?

How many club members regularly attend the nets?

If this club is anything like the other clubs of which
I've been a member over the years, I'd be willing to bet
that more people read e-mail than attend nets.

I don't remember seeing any e-mail about a newspaper's
request for someone to interview about the annual ARRL
Field Day event.

Thinking that perhaps I might be experiencing e-mail
problems,I checked the club e-mail list archive, but
cannot find anything in either April, May, or June
regarding this matter.

As for the interview, I'd be more than happy to speak
with the gentleman, even though I really feel that the
"voice of the club"(as well as the "face of the club")
should be the President... or Public Information Officer,
whoever they might be at the time.

Pat ND5C
(214) 850-6439 (cell)
(337) 482-0052 (work)

From: Herman Campbell <Kn5grk at lusfiber.net>
To: Herman Fuselier <hfuselier at theadvertiser.com> 
Sent: Wednesday, June 17, 2015 6:14 PM
Subject: Field Day interview
I had mentioned it on a couple of 2 m nets last week
and I did send it out by email to all of our members
and apparently nobody has volunteered to be interviewed. 

I was hoping some of the girls would be interested. 

I will send this email to our club members again hoping
someone will respond to you. 

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| Date:  | Wed, 17 Jun 2015 22:00:14 +0000 |
| From:  | Fuselier, Herman <hfuselier at theadvertiser.com> |
| To:  | kn5grk at lusfiber.net <kn5grk at lusfiber.net> |

Hi Herman,

Any suggestions regarding the email I sent you Monday? 

I’ve included the email below, in case you missed it.    

Thanks, Herman Fuselier N5BMD      

From: Fuselier, Herman 
Sent: Monday, June 15, 2015 3:53 PM
To: 'kn5grk at lusfiber.net'
Subject: Field Day info, interview      

Hi Herman,     

I met you earlier this month at the AARA meeting. I mentioned to the members I’d like to write a story for the newspaper about the W5DDL Field Day activities.     I gave my business card to a ham handling publicity for FD. I can’t remember his name or call sign, but he said he’d get in touch with me. I have not heard  from him. Can you help me contact him?      I already know a lot about Field Day, so I have no problem writing about it. But to make the story more personable, I’d like to feature an interesting, local ham who wouldn’t mind talking about the hobby.     I’m open to any suggestions. But I need to schedule an interview and photo shoot soon with that person to make sure the story runs before the event.        At the meeting, I saw several female hams, which was rare when I was active. We also have a large female readership, so perhaps that’s a possibility.      

Thanks for your help. 

73 de N5BMD.
Herman Fuselier 
Music and entertainment writer 
The Daily Advertiser, Times of Acadiana  
1100 Bertrand Drive Lafayette, LA 70506 
hfuselier at theadvertiser.com 
Work - 337-289-6318 
Cell - 337-889-2016 
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