[AARA] Armed Forces Day Military/Amateur Radio Communications Test

Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Thu May 7 06:41:11 CDT 2015

*Hello all stations... *

This years Armed Forces Day Military/Amateur Radio Communications Test
takes place this weekend!  Follow the link at the end of this message for
the schedules of all participating stations.

There are 4 USCG COMMSTA's scheduled to participate.  They are:

NRV- USCG Sector Guam
NMN- USCG CAMSLANT, Chesapeake, VA (COMMSTA Portsmouth)
NMC1- USCG Coast Guard Island, Alameda, CA

The full details are listed on page 3, in the paragraph titled: NAVY/MARINE
CORPS STATIONS in the full schedule linked at the bottom of this Army MARS
www site:


NMN/USCG CAMSLANT will begin operation Saturday, May 9 @ 1300Z or 9AM EDST
on 7528.6 USB @ 5KW using an Omni Directional, TCI-530 antenna. We will
announce a QSY to14459.5 beaming 5KW @ 270 degrees using a 20 Element
Rotatable Log Periodic for stations to our west. For Europe, Eastern
Canada, New England, we plan to transmit from NMF (USCG COMMSTA Boston) at
approximately 1700Z with 5KW using a Fixed Azimuth, TCI Log Periodic Array
which beams 030 where we'll be looking for stations in Europe.

Frequency changes will also be announced both on the air and VIA the
various DX spotting Clusters on the Internet.

We encourage participation from the entire amateur community! See how
many of the USCG COMMSTA's you can work !
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