[AARA] National Hurricane Center WX4HNC To Conduct Annual Test On May 30

Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Fri May 22 08:07:52 CDT 2015

*National Hurricane Center (05/14/2015)* - Amateur Radio station WX4HNC 
at the National Hurricane Center in Miami will conduct its annual 
station test on May 30, 1400 until 2200 UTC. The purpose of this event 
is to test Amateur Radio station equipment, antennas, and computers in 
advance of the 2015 hurricane season, which starts June 1 and runs 
through November 30.

This event is will be good practice for ham radio operators worldwide, 
as well as for National Weather Service (NWS) staff to become familiar 
with Amateur Radio communications that are available during times of 
severe weather,” said WX4NHC Assistant Amateur Radio Coordinator Julio 
Ripoll, WD4R. WX4NHC also will conduct operator training. WX4NHC will 
make brief contacts on a variety of frequencies and modes, exchanging 
signal reports and basic weather information, such as “sunny” or “rain,” 
with any and all stations. WX4NHC will operate on HF, VHF and UHF bands, 
including APRS on 2 and 30 meters and WinLink (subject must contain 

“We will try to stay on the recognized Hurricane Watch Net frequency of 
14.325 MHz most of the time and announce when we QSY,” Ripoll said. “Due 
to space and equipment limitations, we will have two to three operators 
per shift,” he added. “We cannot be everywhere and on every mode at the 
same time.” He suggested locating WX4NHC by using one of the DX station 
spotting networks, such as DX Summit.

WX4NHC also will be on the VoIP Hurricane Net (VoIP-WX) from 2100 until 
2200 UTC and on IRLP node 9219 and EchoLink WX-TALK Conference node 
7203. The station also will operate on VHF and UHF repeaters in South 

QSL cards are available via WD4R with an SASE. *Do not send cards 
directly to the National Hurricane Center. **
Due to security policy, no visitors will be allowed into the National 
Hurricane Center without having prior clearance from the NHC PIO and 
Security. Only WX4NHC Operators on the pre-approved operating schedule 
will be allowed entry.
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