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After much confusion trying to navigate the FCC website to get a printed 
"_*Official Copy*_" of a Amateur Radio License, the FCC sent the 
following email to help solve by problem.  The copy will be in Adobe 
Acrobat .PDF format.  Hope this will be of some help


*The information you requested from the FCC can be found below in the 
body of the email. *

*If you have any questions contact us at *

*(877) 480-3201 <tel:%28877%29%20480-3201>. *

*Thank You!*


*Summary:* Instructions - Download Authorization

*Solution Description:*
PLEASE NOTE: Per Public Notice DA 15-72, The FCC no longer mails license 
authorizations. If you provide an email address on your application, an 
official copy of your license will be automatically emailed to you after 
the application has granted.
Licensees can also opt to download electronic authorizations by logging 
into License Manager:

Log in to https://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsEntry/licManager/login.jsp with 
your FCC Registration Number (FRN) and Password

If you do not know the password:
Click on the Contact Tech Support link
Click the Reset Password button and follow the prompts for resetting the 
After receiving confirmation of a successful password reset, click the 
link for Universal Licensing System (DO NOT click the CORES Public 
Interface link.)
Click the button labeled ULS License Manager; you will be taken to the 
log in screen

Click the, ?Download Electronic Authorizations,? link on the navigation 
bar on the left side of the License Manager home page.

1. To search for the authorization(s) you want to download:
a. Enter the call sign OR
b. Enter a date range (based on Effective Date of the license)

2. In the My Authorization box, select the call signs you wish to download

3. Add the call signs to the Authorizations to Download box.

4. Once the licenses have been selected, click the Download button in 
the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

5. The download will be automatically converted to a PDF file, and you 
can choose to Open (to print) or Save (to save to a desired folder)

Downloading Electronic Authorizations Using the Chrome Browser

Filers using Chrome will need to turn off the Pop-up Blocker before 
downloading. To turn off the Pop-up Blocker:
1. Click on the Settings icon (3 horizontal lines) in the upper 
right-hand corner of the browser
2. Click on Settings
3. At the bottom of the Settings page, click the link Show Advanced Settings
4. Under the Privacy heading, click the Content Settings button
5. In the Content Settings window, scroll down to the Pop-ups section
6. Click Allow all sites to show pop-ups; click the Done button
7. Close the Settings tab

After the authorization(s) have been selected for download, follow these 
steps for accessing the PDF file in Chrome:

1. After clicking the Download button, a blank window will open. At this 
point, the authorizations are downloading. (If the filer exits this 
window prior to the download finishing, the download will not complete.)
2. Once the download completes, it will appear at the bottom of the 
blank window.
NOTE: If the download button cannot be seen at the bottom of the screen, 
maximize the window
3. Click on the button to open the PDF file

Downloading Authorizations Using MAC Operating Systems
The FCC recommends using the Chrome or Firefox browsers for MAC when 
downloading authorizations using the MAC OS.


If you receive one of the following error messages after attempting the 
above steps, you may need to install or update the Adobe Acrobat Reader:
Invalid or corrupted PDF file. Message: Invalid PDF structure

Go to the following website - https://get.adobe.com/reader/

1. You may uncheck the optional offer.
2. Click the Install now button.
3. You will be prompted to either save or run the file. (If you are 
prompted to save the file, you will need to locate your download folder 
and run the file.)

For further assistance with the installation please refer to the Need 
help? link on the screen.


Mobile devices will need to have a PDFviewer to open the Electronic 
Authorization. We recommend installing Adobe Acrobat Reader from the app 

Should you have any further questions or need additional information, 
please submit a request for help at http://esupport.fcc.gov/index.htm , 
or call the FCC Licensing Support Center at 1-877-480-3201 
<tel:1-877-480-3201>, selecting option 2 after the main menu recording.

FCC Licensing Support Center

***Please do not reply back to this message. The e-mail address is 
configured for outgoing e-mail only.***

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