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US Tower HDX55 55' super heavy duty motorized tower system including 20' 
triple wall HD mast Thrust Bearing MDPL1000 HD Motor Drive System 
RMC1000 remote control (used to control in ham shack)
TRX heavy duty/tilt tower raising fixture Coax stand off arms

Condition:  working in very good condition

Was purchased by me in 1987, has been used very little, original cost 
near to $ 5000 Todays estimated cost $ 12,000 - $ 15,000.00

Will hold up to 30 SQ Feet of antennas, original arrays that we used 
were a 4 element gem quad for use with all bands from 10 meters to 20 
meters including the WARC bands.  Also had two element 40 meter yagi,  
which is still there but needs some work on it.  The gem-quad came apart 
with its spider base in an ice/wind storm and we still have the gem-quad 
Tridetic arms (fiberglass) free to the purchaser of the tower.  The 40m 
beam is also free but will need an aluminum arm blown
off, but obtainable from MFJ who purchased the antenna manufacturer 
(Cushcraft if I remember correctly).
The tower is rated to withstand 90mph winds which would make it workable 
in the LA/TX/MS gulf coast area,
as this tower is NOT guyed and the specs are for it being elevated, not 
nested.  The normal height for the tower and the antenna
on a 20' mast is about 65 feet (tower only 55 feet), and the nested 
height is 21' 6" all the way down.

Purchaser takes it down.  needing a flatbed or suitable pole trailer to 
carry it home.  The rotor for it is for sale extra with its control.

Tower, everything except rotor & control, $ 2500, can provide pictures 
upon request.  There are pictures and specifications on the US Tower 
website.  If I can answer any questions,  call me between noon and 4pm 
central time, normally M-F weekdays.  Any other questions by email sent to

Terry Muncey, W5OAS "Old And Senile"
radioera at yahoo.com <mailto:radioera at yahoo.com>
tsm at radioera.com <mailto:tsm at radioera.com>, tsm at electrosys.com 
<mailto:tsm at electrosys.com>

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