[AARA] KN5GRK E-Mail Reflector Rules

Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Tue Jan 19 19:42:20 CST 2016

I get quite a few inquires from postings sent to me with insufficient 
information about the content, so I am setting up some rules
to follow to eliminate some of these problems.

*Reflector Rules to Follow*

1.  Put as much information about the equipment you are selling, or 
looking for.  Use model numbers, condition, price along with
      photos (640 x 480) if available, and any other information about 
the item.  Only ham radio related equipment should be listed.
      Non-ham related will go in the trash.
2.  If you want to post a QST (announcement), please put the dates, 
times, and locations and spell check.
3.  Make sure you enclose contact information about the item such as 
name, call, e-mail and telephone number.
4.  Please send your e-mail (Bcc:) Blind Carbon Copy - all I want to see 
is the e-mail address of sender.  If you don't know how
      to do this, get someone to explain.  This will eliminate 
"spammers" from getting your friends e-mail address.
5.  Proof read your e-mail, make sure spelling is correct, I will not 
make any corrections to your text.  I don't have time to do so.
      I will send what I get.
6.  I will not respond to inquiries I get regarding the merchandise I 
send out by my reflector.

I have maintained this reflector for quite a few years now and would 
like to continue.  I don't get paid for this service and expect so,
however if you want to make a donation to a Church or Charity of your 
choice, do so.  I get quite a few "THANK YOU's" and that is
all I ask.  If you would like to be removed from the reflector list, 
please send a "Remove Me" e-mail to:
kn5grk at lusfiber.net

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