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  Orange Hamfest 2016**

  *Hosted by:*

*Orange Amateur Radio Club and*

*Jefferson County Amateur Radio Club*

The Orange Hamfest is an ARRL sanctioned event.

*WHEN: Saturday, February 27th, 2016**
WHERE: **Orange County Convention & Expo Center @ 11475 FM 1442**
Orange, Texas 77632***

*(Coordinates: 30 07.28N & 093 52.92W or 30.1244,-93.8922)*

*Hamfest TIME: 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.*

Map for directions to the Orange Hamfest >>> *

*Take the 869 Exit off of IH-10 going East or West and turn South on FM 
1442 and **
the Orange Co. Convention and Expo Center is half mile on the right. 
Follow the signs.*

*Orange Co Convention Center and Expo_road directions***

*Tailgating available in designated area, see below:*

*Orange Hamfest Site Plan at OC Expo Center_Tailgating Area.jpg***


Event Schedule and Fees:

6:00AM - Setup, Dealers & Tailgating
7:30AM — Hamfest opens for flea market, dealers & tailgating
10:00 AM — VE testing in Meeting Room#2
8am-12noon —Programs & Forums
1:30 PM - Grand Prize Drawings
2:00 PM—Close

_FEES: _

Admission …..$8.00 per person
(Age 12 years & younger free admission)
Dealer tables ………… $15.00ea
Flea market tables ….. $15.00ea
Tailgate spaces ……….Free - limited spaces in designated tailgating area


*For more information on Lodging: *

*visit websiteLink for Lodging and Accommodations in Orange, Texas 


*Grand Prizes: **
Kenwood **TS-480SAT**HF radio**
Kenwood **TM-V71A **2M/440 dual band mobile****
Kenwood **TM-281A **2M mobile****
Yaesu **FT-60R **2M/440 Dual band HT***

*The tickets for the Grand Prize and door prizes are: $1.00 each or 6 
for $5.00, 12 for $10.00, etc.**
The Grand Prizes will be drawn at 1:30 p.m. You NEED NOT BE PRESENT for 
the Grand Prize drawings.**
You MUST BE PRESENT for all door prize drawings. **
Door Prize tickets will be put back in for The Grand Prize Drawings.*



8:00AM -8:55AM - *Texas Traffic Net**- over view - Sharon Heivilin - KC8EO*
9:00AM -9:55AM -*R/C Models and Planes Forum and Static Displays*
10:00AM - 10:55AM-*National Weather Service - Skywarn**- Roger 
*****11:00AM - 11:55AM – *ARRL Forums and Updates- Dr. David 

All Meeting / Forum times and content are subject to change.



*VE testing will start at 10:00 a.m. No Pre-registering.**
Just bring the original and a copy of your current FCC License and any 
C.S.C.E’s, and Picture I.D. **
We will have the latest forms available*

***VE Testing to be held in Meeting Room No. 2*


*VENDORS Confirmed to be at Orange Hamfest*

  * MTC_thumbMain Trading Companyhttp://www.mtcradio.com/

  * *TBD *HARS HeaderHouston Amateur Radio

·grapevine amateur radio_Logo.jpgGrapevine Amateur 

  * palmetto antennasPalmetto Antennashttp://www.palmettoantennas.com/



*FOOD and Drinks**:*

*To be available from food concessions for breakfast and lunch! **
**Gumbo and pulled pork sandwiches with condiments for lunch**
**Full menu to be announced and available at Hamfest.*


*Notice !!!Friday Night !!!*

*Remember our Friday Dinner (Feb. 26th) after Hamfest Set-up!!!**
All Hams and their family, who are in Town Friday before the Hamfest, 
are invited to eat with us at the Expo Center.**
Featuring Bar-B-Que Brisket, and smoked Boudain, with all the trimmings. **
Bring your chairs. No alcohol allowed. Serving starts at 6**:30 **p.m. 
Don’t be late. *

*There will be a $10.00 per plate charge for Dinner! *

Coke, sodas and other drinks will be available for a charge.


*Contacts For Hamfest Information:**
Rocky Wilson (409)-988-8906 or Email: **_n5mtx55 at gmail.com_**or**
Chuck Vincent (409)-540-0477 or Email: **_batmo at aol.com_*

*Dealers, Vendor and Swap tables are located inside the air-conditioned 
Expo Center and will be available for $15.00 each for individuals, 
dealers and vendors.*

*They may be reserved in advance by completing the Reservation form. 
Dealers, Vendors and Flea market set-up is 5PM-9PM Friday (26th) and 
6:00AM-7:30AM Saturday(27th). *

*Unreserved tables will be rented on a first-come/ first-served basis. 
Electrical power (110V outlet) is available for most table locations. *

*Tables that are reserved but not claimed by 9:00AM Saturday (27th)will 
be rented. *

*The Orange Amateur Radio Club reserves the right to limit non-Ham Radio 
oriented tables and their locations! *

*There are a limited number of tables for the non-Ham radio related. 
These tables will be located in the hall ways surrounding the outside of 
the main Expo Center main Hall.***

*Make your reservations now!Over 100 - 6 & 8 foot tables available in 
the Ball Room. Approximately 65 tables available as of Jan. 9, 2016*

***Additional tables are available outside the Ball Room for non-Ham 
radio related items and exhibitors.**

***No refunds on unclaimed tables.*

*Reserved tables not claimed by 9:00AM the day of the Hamfest, will be 

*Expo Center Hamfest_table assignments.jpg***


***EXPO Center Hamfest Table floor plan***

*To reserve tables – fill out a reservation form and mail to:*

***Orange Amateur Radio Club Inc.**
P.O. Box 232**
Orange, Texas 77631-0232*

***For questions you can email us at n5mtx55 at gmail.com 
<mailto:n5mtx55 at gmail.com>*

*Must be postmarked by February 20, 2016*



*Name__________________________________ Call __________ *

*Address________________________________ *

*________________________________ *

*Provide Email address ______________________________for a confirmation 
in lieu of mailed hardcopy, *


*Number of Tables needed _______at $15.00 each. Confirm if electrical 
power is needed (Yes / No).*

*No power cords or power strips provided or available. Please provide 
your own power cords.***

*Power available from the 120volt outlets is on first come/first serve 
basis, please share! *

*Total Amount Enclosed $__________________ *



*Note: For a hardcopy confirmation of your registration, fill in this part *

*Of the form and send an SASE with your Table Reservation Form. We also 
can email you to confirm tables!! *

*Name and Call sign ______________________________________ *

*Amount received ________________________ for ________ tables. *

*Hamfest representative acknowledgment ________________________ Date 
______ *

*Email _______________________________________________***

*Page updated 1/09/2016*


http://www.qsl.net/w5nd/index_files/HAMFEST%20INFO/hamfest%20info.htm *



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