[AARA] Ham III Rotor & Controller For Sale

Herman Campbell Kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Mon Jun 6 06:13:50 CDT 2016

Attention All,

     I have a nice rotor with controller (your choice of the analog or 
digital display control box) for sale...
     It is a Ham III...just went through it this weekend...terminal 
strip was bad...hard wired with my design on the hook up that I have 
been using for 20+ years with 0 failures...in the photo you can see the 
3 ft pigtail with terminal strip there which makes it many times easier 
to hook up once in the tower...in sequential, numeric, color coded order 
for easy connection...inside of rotor was surprisingly in super great 
condition...removed all old lubricant and replaced with fresh 
lubricant...original manual also included...
Asking price is $250 with analog controller and $275 with digital 

Bruce / KB5WNU / EM40kv / 225-629-0935
kb5wnu at yahoo.com
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