[AARA] $6 CW Key Cover

Charles Morrison cmorrison at lusfiber.net
Mon Dec 11 20:30:18 CST 2017

I've always wanted one of those acrylic, engraved cw key covers for my
station.  They look nice and have your callsign, but they cost $100.  Eham
had an article from Mike Higgins k6aer, where he was using a Tupperware
dish.  Well, this past weekend while walking through Hobby Lobby, I found
the perfect cover for my Begali.  It looks nice (much better than
Tupperware) and is cheap!  How about $6?


Towards the back of the store, away from the home furnishings, is the models
cars and balsa wood and whatnot.  They have "trophy cases" for various size
balls, baseballs, basketballs, soccer, hockey pucks, etc.  Looking at them,
it appeared as though the Softball display case would fit the key.  I cut it
down to size and made the paddle hole with a dremmel tool.  

The reflector wont' easily pass inline images, so I uploaded it to Imgur.
This is a VALID link.  My cover is a beta version, I messed up on in the
back.  Anyway, its 6 bucks.. I'll make another!


Here's the link:  https://imgur.com/YrPjfwT





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