[AARA] Estate Items for sale.

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sun Feb 26 06:29:34 CST 2017

Estate Items for sale

MFJ - 998 1.5 KW Automatic antenna tuner. Excellent Condition. $425.00
Icom IC-2100 2 Meter FM rig. Excellent Condition $110.00
Radio Shack HTX-202 handie talkie with two batteries Charger and Speaker 
Mic. $50.00
MFJ-4115 13.8 VDC 15 Amp Switching P.S. Excellent Condition $25.00
MFJ-4125 13.8 VDC 25 Amp Switching P.S. Excellent Condition $50.00
Astron RS-20 13.8 VDC 20 Amp Linear P.S. Excellent Condition $50.00

Plus Shipping, or pickup in Lafayette, LA or Rayne AARA Hamfest March 10 
& 11.
John Allen, NØJA
email n0ja54 at yahoo.com
phone 573-470-0358.

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