[AARA] FOR SALE - Two (2) Yaesu FT-1000MP MarkV (Owner – Tom, K8AZ)

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Subj: [LCC] FOR SALE - Two (2) Yaesu FT-1000MP MarkV (Owner – Tom, K8AZ)
I've personally used these radios many times at the K8AZ contest
station.  They are in excellent condition.  In the station, the outboard
filtering and isolation protects the front-ends very well.  They have
been used to drive custom-built 8877 amps, so they have not been driven

AND, I'll be driving back to Louisiana from K8AZ in Cleveland Ohio on
Monday October 30th.  I can bring one or both radios with me, making
possible delivery along the return route, with my final stop near West
Monroe, LA.

--Scott, W5WZ

The specs of each radio are identical.  Pricing is for one (1) radio,
one (1) accessory filter set, one (1) roofing filter, one (1) speaker.

     late serial numbers

•    160-10m
•    200w (FP-29 outboard power supply, incl.)
•    Dual receiver/dual VFO
•    Built in tuner
•    Collins 500 Hz CW filter (2nd IF)
•    Built-in DSP
•    Manual
•    Factory shipping cartons (double box)
•    $1,300

InRad Accessory Filters for FT1000MP/FT1000MP Mark V (package only)
(Will sell only w/radio or if radio sells w/o filters)
•    2 x 2100 Hz (2nd & 3rd IF) narrow SSB (IR #709 & #702)
•    2 x 250 Hz (2nd & 3rd IF) narrow CW (IR #708 & #704)
•    1 x 400 Hz (3rd IF for main rx) CW filter (IR #703)
•    1 x 400 Hz CW filter  (for sub rx) (IR #703)
•    Current InRad list:  $972
•    Package Only -- $500

IRC Roofing Filter for FT1000MP/FT1000MP Mark V
(Will sell only w/radio or if radio sells w/o filters)
•    Current InRad list:  $175
•    $100

PACKAGE DEAL:  Radio + Accessory Filters + Roofing filter

YAESU SP-8 Matching Speaker
•    Factory box
•    $80

(Owner – Tom, K8AZ)

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