[AARA] For Sale: Rohn 25 Sections, Rotator & Antennas

Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Tue Jul 31 16:42:54 CDT 2018

Note : all items are located in the New Orleans Northshore area (zip 
code 70438)

Rohn 25G Tapered Top section - used x 1 $50
Rohn 25G 10' section - used x 3  $50 each
Rohn 25G 10' section (partial section , could be buried in concrete to 
form base) - used x 1  $15
Note : Rohn 25G is on ground, disassembled, ready for pickup, or 
delivery (within reasonable drive of the New Orleans area for a small fee)

Glen Martin H-4 Hazer Super Heavy Duty (galv. steel), with winch and 
steel cable - used (dead weight load 200#, wind load capacity 14.4 sq ft 
@ 80 mph) , local pickup requested    $ 375

Hy-Gain Ham IV Antenna Rotor system, with Control Box and control cable 
- used, tested, works , local pickup  $375

K9AY 4 way Loop System from Array Solutions, Model AS-AYL-4, with indoor 
control box, and outdoor direction-switching relay box, sold with 
fiberglass mast and wire - used  $250

Radio Works Carolina Beam 80 - used  $25

10m homebrew Moxen, fiberglass boom and spreaders  $10

95' (feet) of 450 ohm ladder line - like new  $15

195' (feet) of 450 ohm ladder line - line new  $30

Mike Harang
K5MMH at ARRL.NET <mailto:K5MMH at ARRL.NET>

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