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Herman Campbell kn5grk at lusfiber.net
Sat Jun 9 06:48:19 CDT 2018

From: kn5o at bellsouth.net <mailto:kn5o at bellsouth.net>

The following items have been sold:

  * *Icom PRO III*
  * *TenTec Centurion Amplifier*
  * *Used KT36XA Antenna*

I have add the following two items:

*HI-Z 8 circle* receive array for 160M - *$900*

*Cushcraft A3WS* WARC antenna with 30M Dipole - *$350*


Ted KN5O

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Subject: 	Ham Radio Sale Items
Date: 	Tue, 5 Jun 2018 13:45:52 -0500
From: 	Ted Saba <kn5o at bellsouth.net>

Dallas, please circulate...*
The following items are for sale.  They are in guaranteed working order 
as noted:

*Icom 756 PRO III* - recently aligned by Mike Nadeau, N1EQ, ICOM 
authorized repair center,
with original box, cosmetically 9.5/10  - *$1200

TenTec Centurion Amplifier - *pair of 3-500z tubes, 2.5KVA transformer 
with QSK, cosmetically a
9.5/10, puts out 1500 watts on 160-40 meters, 1300 watts 20-10 meters - 

Drake L4B Amplifier - *Converted to a dedicated 6M amplifier - nearly 
1100 watts out with 100 watts
drive.  Can't tell it has been modified until you look in it - front 
panel is original.  Cosmetically a 8/10,
as black cabinet has a few minor nicks.  With power supply that has been 
refurbished -*$1200

8877 pulse-rated tube (3cx1500a7) - *used, but tested in WA5ZFP's Henry 
amplifier and guaranteed
2kw output - *$500

Alpha 77 Sx - power transformer (new) - *what you need to power the 
8877.  Has all voltages required,
filament, plate, bias, etc. - *$550

Heathkit SB-610 monitor scopes (used) - *cabinets and front panel are 
nice looking - 9/10 cosmetically.
I have 5 of them.  Asking *$100* each and if you want a new 3RP1A scope 
tube, add *$40*.

*KT36-XA Antennas - *these are the 6 element on 33 ft boom, tri-band 
yagi antennas. One is brand new
but box has been opened.  I started to assemble and decided not to use 
as I'm going in a different direction.
It has 5 elements on 20 and 15 and 6 elements on 10 meters.  These are 
killer tri-banders.  The used one,
still working on my tower is *$450*.  The newer one is *$700* and the M2 
upgrade kit for either one is *$350.* The
baluns are included with the antennas *($100 value)**. *If you want 
both, *$1300. *I am willing to meet you half
way for transport and delivery.

Contact me if interested and of course, I will considered any reasonable 

Ted Saba, KN5O
kn5o at bellsouth.net
985-871-1731 / 504-358-9601
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